Go-Kart Sunday
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Family Fun: Go-Kart Sunday

Life can be extremely hectic maintaining a business, building a brand and raising a family as a single women so its important to me to make sure that I spend as much time as possible with my sons which can be a bit of a task since they have a huge age difference, 18, 11 & 7 years old. So today I decided to gas up the go-kart and gather the boys to get everyone in on the action and guess what it worked. The day started off with us all throwing some meat on the grill for dinner and shortly there after taking turns riding and driving the go-kart.

My 18-year old had one of his friends over so he also joined in on the fun. I love that we live in a quiet neighborhood where everyone watches out for each other and cautious of the kids when they are riding there bikes so the boys riding the go-kart was no problem. My oldest took it for a spin along with my youngest son and I around the neighborhood. Trust me that young man drives fast. My youngest is too small to reach so the peddles so he was more than happy to sit shotgun with his mommy.



Shortly thereafter my 11-year old asked me to ride along with him and just like that I was off again. I don’t know how many times we rode around the neighborhood but I do know once we were done I think that I got go-kart sick. The shaking and vibrations were a bit much but durable for the sake of spending time with all three of my boys at the same time. All in if your like me with all boys then this rule always applies: When in Rome with boys, You always do boy stuff. Yep I made that up. LOL! I’m so use to doing boy stuff that it just comes second nature to me. What do you do with your son? We would love to hear your stories.



~Turkesha McIvy


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