Halloween DIY: Carving Pumpkins

Hey Dolls & Dudes!

My youngest son volunteered to decorate a pumpkin to his Elementary School to raise money for the school. We have carved mini pumpkins in the past but this was our first time with a large pumpkin. We were going to watch millions of you tube videos to get ideas but we simply opted to figure it out for ourselves and just go with the flow. Needless to say that my seven-year old was so excited that he asked me to please take him to Wal-Mart so that he could find the perfect pumpkin. Once we arrived at Wal-Mart he immediately ran to the produce section and dove head first inside the display in search of his pumpkin. After careful consideration and about ten minutes of him digging in the display he reappeared with the perfect pumpkin. Trust me he was all smiles as he placed his pumpkin in our cart.Pumpkin Digging


Since this was our first time carving a large pumpkin I was not aware of the smell and all of the yucky seeds and veins inside. I don’t recall that when we decorated mini pumpkins a few years ago. My mom in town so she helped my youngest clean it out. After we cleaned out the inside and shaved the inside on the side that we were going to carve out the face. My son decided on the grim reaper face. I was especially excited that Wal-Mart carried a pumpkin carving set that actually comes with the pictures outlined to help your little ones carve ghoulish faces. It was simple all we had to do was:

  1.  Tear out the sheet
  2. Wet the stencil sheet
  3.  Attach to wet stencil sheet to the pumpkin
  4. Cover with saran wrap then carve away

Simply right! Yep a seven year old could do it!



We decided to document our carving experience with a mini video. We hope that you enjoy and feel free to share your experience with us.




Here’s our finished pumpkin!


I would love to hear your thoughts!