"Fizzique" "Sparkling Protein Water" "Water" "Fitness" "Yoga" "Fit Approach" "Mom Life"
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Fizzique: Yoga & My Crazy Life

This post is sponsored by Fit Approach on behalf of Fizzique. However, all comments and opinions for the product are my own.


So where do I even start? Wait! I know! So one day I’m sitting at home exhausted from working with clients and watching Netflix when all of sudden my door bell rings. Hmmm….who can that be? To my surprise it was a delivery of 4 boxes. Oh My! Blogger Mail! I was so excited when I opened one to find that it was Fizzique Sparking Protein Water. 


"Fizzique" "Sparkling Protein Water" "Water" "Fitness" "Yoga" "Fit Approach" "Mom Life"

I know what you’re thinking. Trust me I had never heard of anything like this before but if you know me then you know that I am always up for a challenge. Honestly I am not a “protein” type of girl when it comes to drinks or bars but I was definitely curious. My first thought was will have a aftertaste or just totally not like it at all but to my surprise it was …… (Ha read the entire post to hear my thoughts). 

"Fizzique" "Sparkling Protein Water" "Water" "Fitness" "Yoga" "Fit Approach" "Mom Life"

My days are long and often I find myself having the desire to munch throughout the day. What I discovered after doing my research on Fizzique was that it great as a pre or post workout and/or yoga practice. It has 20g of protein fizzology that can help satisfy your hunger between meals so you can eat less. This is win for me because I find myself running around so much and neglecting to sit down and eat but grab snacks all day. Did I mention that Fizzique is:

  1. Keto Perfect
  2. Low Glycemic
  3. Lactose Free
  4. GMO Free
  5. Caseinate Free
  6. Soy Free
  7. Very Low Sodium
  8.  and…Kosher 

Fizzique has become a favorite of mine. I love the bubbles that form them the moment that I pop the tab. It currently comes in two flavors: Strawberry Watermelon and Tropical Limon. My favorite is Tropical Limon. The moment that it hits my mouth I feel like I’m in Jamaica laying n the beach. The idea of having a great tasting Protein Sparkling Water at my finger tips is pure heaven. I know keep a can of each flavor in my gym bag for those days that I hit the gym. I have  also found that with the weather changing I can now head put to my deck and jump on my yoga mat.

"Fizzique" "Sparkling Protein Water" "Water" "Fitness" "Yoga" "Fit Approach" "Mom Life"


"Fizzique" "Sparkling Protein Water" "Water" "Fitness" "Yoga" "Fit Approach" "Mom Life"


An additional bonus if that they taste delicious room temperature or cold. My preference depends on what activities are taking place. If I’m heading out to the gym or for my mid-afternoon walk then I prefer my Fizzique cold. On those days that I’m a chaperone on school field trips or running errands all day I prefer it warm. Remember either way they are delicious!

"Fizzique" "Sparkling Protein Water" "Water" "Fitness" "Yoga" "Fit Approach" "Mom Life"


"Fizzique" "Sparkling Protein Water" "Water" "Fitness" "Yoga" "Fit Approach" "Mom Life"

If you’re a yogi, fitness fanatic or mom this is diffidently a brand that you should try! If your interested in trying them you can save 10% off by using Coupon Code: TURKESHAFIZZIQUE until 7/31/18.


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