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5 Pieces for the Easiest Spring Fashion Transition


Spring transition can be a style nightmare. It’s winter storms one day and summer weather the next day. It’s a difficult time to dress for. The weather can change in a matter of hours. It can be cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon, and freezing at night. You can even have a rainstorm or two just rumble by in the mid-afternoon. So, how do you dress for unpredictable weather?


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5 Pieces for the Spring Transition

  1. thin layers
  2. boots
  3. raincoat
  4. tote bags
  5. headband

Thin Layers

The first step to a stylish and easy spring transition is to dress in layers. Layers can keep you warm.  Plus, they’re easy to take off when the weather warms up a bit.

Honestly, thin layers are your best friends in the spring. You can try layering long sleeves with your sleeveless dresses. For example, a fun bell sleeve or high neck collar can be the perfect addition to a solid color dress.

If it’s still a bit chilly then throw on a long cardigan or blanket scarf for a cozy and chic accessory.  You can even wear a thin sweater over your dress.  And if your sweater has a boxy fit then add a thin belt at your waist.  


Now, pair your outfit with a classic pair of boots. They can be heeled, pointed, flat, ankle, mid-calf, or thigh high. Boots are a must in the spring because they are chic and keep your feet dry when it starts raining cats and dogs outside.

Personally, I love point toe sock boots because they elongate the legs in the most elegant way. Plus, they go with everything from jeans to dresses.

"Spring Transition" "Naturalbabydol" "Spring" "Fashion"



Once you have your staple pieces. It’s time to invest in a fun raincoat. They can be a functional statement piece and a great pop of color to your normal work attire. A wide leg pant with a classic button up would look fabulous with a colorful raincoat. It’s stylish and chic!

After staring at hundreds of pictures from fashion week, I love the mod-style raincoat. The large buttons and semi-fitted silhouette gives every outfit a sophisticated yet whimsical touch.

"Spring Transition" "Naturalbabydol" "Spring" "Fashion"

Tote Bags

Third on this list of must-haves is a classic tote bag: a cotton fabric one for casual days and a leather fabric one for workdays. Tote bags are very versatile. They are perfect for sneaking in an extra pair of shoes for unpredictable weather, an umbrella, a change of clothes, a headband…you name it, you can stick it in a tote bag.

"Spring Transition" "Naturalbabydol" "Spring" "Fashion"


Which leads me to my next piece, a headband. They are perfect for fixing rain-drenched hair during the spring transition (because a hand dryer can only do so much..trust me I speak from experience). Stick a headband over your damp hair and let it air dry to perfection. Headbands are also perfect for late mornings because they hide all the lumps and bumps you gained from sleeping. (Honestly, I will never understand how anybody wakes up with good hair.)

With these five pieces, you’re ready to take on spring. Like Coco Chanel said, “Every day is a fashion show and the world is a runway.”