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Fourth Of July Fashion Inspiration

Fourth Of July Fashion For Less

Whether your relaxing at home, attending a family BBQ, Beach Party, cruising or enjoying the array of fireworks over the river. The Fourth Of July is a time where everyone participates in the festivities and dresses for the occasion. It’s the one holiday where it’s perfectly okay to simply dress casual and have fun without worrying about over dressing. The key to finding the perfect outfit is conducive with what kind of weather you will be having during the holiday.

Unfortunately for me, the weather is bit bipolar at times. In fact the weather has a mind of its own. The occasional storm will make a short appearance but these super hot Summer Georgia days that we are experiencing are for the birds. It seems like every year it gets hotter and hotter. This year I am definitely going to keep my Fourth Of July Fashion Fit very simple and breezy. The winner is this cute Nautical theme dress with anchors in navy and white. It’s perfect for a long day at sea, watching the sun set at sea or celebrating at your friend’s home BBQ.

"Fourth Of July" "Summer Fashion" "Nautical Dress" "Travel"

When I laid eyes on this cute little darling I just had to add her to my dress collection. This dress is not only very comfortable and cool, but can also be paired with a cute pair of white leggings (It’s Too Hot In Atlanta) or jeans and its perfect for traveling.

"Fourth Of July" "Summer Fashion" "Travel" "Summer"

As you know the kids and I have been backpacking this Summer and this dress can definitely fit in my backpack and can double as a cute dress for a beachside dinner or casual meeting with a client. The best part is I found this cutie at Five & Below. Yes you heard me correctly. I spotted a few cute dresses on a rack while shopping there a few months ago with the kids. I don’t recall noticing dresses on any of my other visits. I instantly fell in love with the navy color with white anchors. It reminded me of a similar dress that I had as a little girl.

"Fourth Of July" "Summer Fashion" "Travel" "Summer"I paired my dress with a pair of white flip flops from American Eagle. I also and my favorite pair of Tiffany’s sunglasses to add that extra touch. You can arrive to the pool or beach party swim ready.

What are you wearing for The Fourth Of July?