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Fox Empire Episode #6 The Plot Thickens

Lord I fainted and revived myself multiple times throughout this episode of Fox Empire! Whew where should I start? The scene begins with the dynamic Cookie Lyons acting like any other excited woman looking for the perfect outfit to wear to meet the man of her life. You see Cookie received a single rose from her ex husband, Lucious which was symbolic for them back in the day when they were married, poor and struggling so of course she thought that it meant something more than it actually did. Cookie head to dinner where she met the rest of the Lyons family only to find out that the love of her life, her ex husband had proposed to Kitty Boo Boo AKA Anika. We’ll being the hard-core cut throat Bitch that Cookie can be she opened her coat to reveal her sexy navy blue lingerie set. Yes! Hunty she was giving them stares for days! Cookie ended by telling Anika “This is an ass!” We can only expect this from Cookie!

On this episode of Fox Empire Lucious  is watching Hakeem perform Drip Drop and all of a sudden has a flare up of his ALS. Perhaps it was that God awful music. He just happens to look over at his security monitor and sees that nosey detective digging through his trash which opens the conversation for Vernon to confront Lucious and ask if he killed Bunkie. Lucious angrily explains his side of the story and of course Vernon like a sick puppy makes everything alright by paying someone off to take the fall but not before he chokes the shit out of Andre for lying and giving his father an alibi.

Can we all agree that Cookie is the ish? Cookie then goes on to get Jamal’s song played in the club and tweeted out by one of the hottest young players in the game. I mean who the hell has power like that? Furthermore she didn’t even need the two girls that she had dancing and touching on each other. The argument between her and Porsha was comical enough for him to agree and of course the tweet gets retweets after retweets. Hell we probably retweeted it as well during tonight’s show! Suddenly a high and drunk Hakeem shows up at the club asking for help from his older brother and Cookie continues to try to be a mother is continuously disrespected but Jamal is not having it anymore. Jamal steps up for mom and puts Hakeem in place for what will hopefully be the last time.

Just when we thought the show could not bring anymore mess Courtney Love makes her appearance as Elle, a washed up has been super star who is later found in a sand man hotel with a drug addict and drugs. Cookie being the producer/manager that she is doesn’t take no for an answer so she kicks the junkie dude out, flushes the drugs and makes Elle come to the studio. Once the arrive to the studio Elle is a hot ass mess. I mean she sounds like trash. Cookie goes in and tells her to strip down from her fur, jewelry, hair pieces, lips and lashes to make some real music.

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You know what? It freaking worked! Cookie is the ish! Jamal later has an interview where he is asked out a significant other, well actually a female in his life and he says there isn’t one. Why in the world didn’t he tell them that he was gay? I mean I was lost at this point. If he is a shame  then why not tell the world and to top that his lover Michael was watching. Poor thing. I wonder if he’s going to move out of their shack? So here is where my heart dropped!

Derek Luke is hired as the new security with his handsome self with the exception of that dam part that they put in his hair for this show but anyway he attempts to stop this young lady and a little girl from entering the building. The young lady is like “oh they know me, I’m family.” Guess who it is? Dam Raven Symone!

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Okay lets stop here! How ironic that Raven is homosexual in real life and Jamal is on the show and now they are supposed to have a daughter together! WHAT? STOP THE DAM PRESSES! EMPIRE YA’LL PLAY TOO DAM MUCH! PEOPLE WONDER WHY I LOVE THIS SHOW! Before I get to carried away….Mark my words that Cookie and Lucious are going to knock boots! Until Next Week!

P.S. #Cookie Broke The Internet Tonight! Great Job Taraji!


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  1. mary hayes

    I love me some Cookie!! I knew Lucius couldn’t hold out to much longer!! He wanted her from day one!! YES!!

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