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Fox Empire Episode 8: Jamal’s All White Coming Out Party Almost Kills Lucious Instead Of The ALS

I am sure by now everyone has gone to their cardiologist and been revived from the amazing way that Jamal decided to shock the shit out of his father Lucious by not only finally coming out of the closet but coming out singing to his hit song. Empire continues to shock the shit out of us week after week.

Did y’all see that shit face that Lucious had? I was screaming yelling and everything else! Okay let ne calm down. I had to start my post off with the most craziest scene of Empire and now that I have provided a spoiler let’s get to how this weeks episode played out.

The episode opens with Cookie, Lucious and the family at the court-house and she’s about to find out that she is about to do a big ass bid behind bars and be separated from her family. I can’t even imagine the thoughts that was running through her head.


Now when Cookie was getting Lucious dressed she told him that she would make him immortal. I was like dam she just gave him some snapper if she gonna make him immortal. BOL. Then she tells him “You want Cookie’s Nookie, Ditch the Bitch!” We’ll got dam! See why I love Cookie! She is always 1000 and she is in this woman’s bed making demands. She is indeed the ish!


And where did Cookie get her lingerie and robe from? Did she have that in her purse? Yes! See she a real woman! She comes prepared! Cookie can talk all of that but we all know that Lucious is her weakness and she wants Lucious to smash her cookies!

Jamal and Hakeem come to a mutual agreement that they will work together to bring their fathers dream come to pass. They all gather in the studio to start recording the family album which just happens to Cookie’s idea because she is genius. Meanwhile crazy ass Andre is standing in the corner like a child who has been punished mad because he feels like he has no talent. I told you all that he’s crazy as hell. Meanwhile Lucious hires a gay guy to film the white party however he doesn’t know that he’s gay and that he is possibly going to be Jamal’s new lover. BOOM!

Boo Boo Kitty AKA Anika confronts Lucious about him sleeping with Cookie and demands that he marries her next week. Let’s stop here! How weak is she that she feels that she must marry him right away? Girl get your life! Lucious is Cookie’s Man!


If I was Anika I would go hid somewhere because she is a valley girl and Cookie is from the streets and we all know that the two do not mix but I will not spoil it for you all.

Andre realizes that he can’t win for losing with his Lucious so he tries to go behind his dad’s back along with Vernon in hopes to get voted in as the interim CEO if something happens to his father. The nerve of him! Does he really think that he can run Empire? If your from the streets then you will understand this. The streets talk rather you’re in a big corporate office or not! You always know what’s going on in your empire. Hence Lucious knew everything that was going on with the two of them and he called their dam bluff later on in a meeting. I almost jumped through the screen when he told Andre that he would never leave his business to him and he knew that when he brought that white women in my house! Lucious said that he’s leaving to someone who cares about his family not someone who wants to tear it apart!


Cookie is taken back by the fact that Lucious has now decided to go ahead with his plans to marry Anika. What’s worst is Anika makes sure that Cookie finds out about it at the white party. No worries Cookie always has a comeback! Cookie talks to Lucious and he tells her that yes he has changed his plans and in fact they will be tying the knot in the upcoming week. Cookie fixes Boo Boo Kitty by telling her that Lucious made love to her in the studio on the sound board. One can only imagine that it broke Anika face into two pieces. I literally saw her heart-break for the second time. Poor Boo Boo Kitty! So Anika get so mad that her snake ass goes to see Baretti? Really?

Anika don’t you know that Cookie is always five steps head of you?

Here’s a spoiler for next week! Its going down! Check out the clip! Lord knows the Lyons are about to take the streets back, Anika leaves and Andre heads to the crazy house!

See you next week!

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