"Frank Body" "Beauty" "Body Scrub" "Naked" "Dirty"
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How Was Frank Able To Get Me Naked & Dirty?

I Blame Frank!!!

Can I make a small confession? I’m totally in love with Frank! He has a way with coffee and loves to get me butt naked and dirty. Guess what? I freaking love it! In the event you’re wondering who in the hell is Frank, I will tell you. If you’ve been following the Beauty and/or Body Scrub hash tag, I’m sure that you have noticed a ton of half naked if not naked women covering up their sweet spots with a unique brown bag. Well that’s Frank! He gets around real fast!


I’m referring to Frank Body Scrub. I learned that Frank is an Australian company that produces several coffee exfoliation scrubs along with some beauty items. I have a confession. I have had this brown bag for a little over 6 months. I received it at a Private VIP beauty event a while ago and totally forgot that I had it and spotted it when I was cleaning out my cupboards. SCORE!  The one that I recently used was the “Original” is made up of the following:

Roasted and ground robusta coffee beans

The high caffeine content of these freshly ground beans stimulates blood flow targeting cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, varicose veins, eczema, acne, and scarring.

Cold pressed sweet almond oil

High in linoleum and oleic acids this oil promotes skin healing. It hydrates and nourishes the skin thanks to its high levels of Vitamins A, E and D and also reduces the appearance of pigmentation.

Vitamin E

Full of antioxidants, this vitamin fights off pesky free radicals that cause dryness and fine lines. It works to prevent cellular damage and the effects of pollution, while acting as an anti-inflammatory.

Sea Salt

This natural antiseptic not only reduces inflammation, but it also targets skin conditions and imperfections, as well as treating wounds. It removes dry, flaky skin to reveal the best you yet.

"Frank Body" "Beauty" "Body Scrub" "Naked" "Dirty"

Now at first glance it just looks like coffee. Then you think to yourself why in the hell would I put coffee all over my body? I will tell you why? Imagine you’ve had a super long day and your ready for a mini spa treatment with a scrub. You would first get naked, than dirty. The next step is getting rough! Who doesn’t like it rough? JK! Then finally get cleaned. I personally felt and saw the difference. My skin felt like a babies bottom….so smooth. I didn’t even need to apply my lotion before bed.
"Frank Body" "Beauty" "Body Scrub" "Naked" "Dirty"
"Frank Body" "Beauty" "Body Scrub" "Naked" "Dirty"
From a marketing stand point Frank is a pure genius. He has a million ladies getting naked and spreading the word about his amazing products.
The bathroom smelled like coffee when I first used the product and when I walked back in after about three hours the smell is still there and it’s actually quite amazing. Who doesn’t like a fresh coffee aroma floating through their home. Well now that you all know how Frank managed to get me naked, not only was he amazing but I was begging for more so I placed an order for The Grind High Club which is a package of  four mini coffee scrubs, four scents, one travel kit. Original, Coconut, Cacao and Peppermint: ready to exfoliate, soften, moisturizes and perk up the skin. Oh and Franks says “Limited edition for some very special babes”. Just in case you were wondering.
Stay tuned to see if Frank and manage to get me naked and dirty again!
Beauty Tip: The coffee can get all over your shower so I would not suggest jumping in and out of the shower and make sure you get up and personal with your shower head because you will need to rinse it off because it can get everywhere! Have Fun!