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Gibs Grooming: A Company That You Can Learn A Thing Or Two From When It Comes To Branding

Gibs Grooming

b1This past weekend I at the Bronner Bros. Beauty Show working with Stepsevents and I had the opportunity to walk the vendors floor to take a glance at all of the 2015 vendors. As a veteran in the hair industry coming from a family owned business its amazing to have the opportunity to see year after year how the show continues to evolves from its very humble roots. When you have been working and attending the shows for as long as I have nothing and I mean nothing will shock or amaze you.

As I was walking the floor I was drawn to a banner that literally stopped me in my steps! As a brand manager you must understand that isn’t an easy task but trust me the banner just caught my eye. Lord it was just so sexy, yet simple. Wondering what stopped me?

Gibs Grooming

Yes! It was that sexy bearded man with just a white tee, leather belt and a pair of blue jeans on but read their catch phrase: TATTED, TRIMMED & TAMED! See in the marketing and branding world many times all you need is just enough and trust me when I say that Gibs Grooming did just that! See research shows that women are the majority purchasers for their men and if I had a man then I would definitely buy this brand for my man. Heck I will buy it for my nineteen-year-old son because he’s TRIMMED & TAMMED just not TATTED yet! GET IT! It’s pure genius! If you don’t get then trust me you will get it in a few months when you all are running to the store to buy this product just remember that NATURALBABYDOL featured it FIRST!


Gibs Grooming

I had a moment to speak with the Co-Owner Brian L. and he is such a sweetheart. I had to let him know that I absolutely thought that his concept was the ish! I already know that this product will be flying off the shelves like candy in no time. Trust me it’s in my blood to know a great product when I see it. Here’s some information on their brand:

Who is a GIBS Guy?

He understands the beard, the ‘stache, and the tattoos aren’t gimmicks or trends, but trademarks of manhood far beyond cultural and deep into consciousness. He’s a beard at ease in the boardroom, the bedroom, the bike lane, and the car drop-off line at his little guy’s school. He’s tattered and tatted, but tamed. And he’s a gentleman.


Gibs Grooming

That’s a yacht: If dudes were to stop shaving entirely, the average guy would grow a beard about 27.5 feet long.

Gibs Grooming

Middle man: In the middle ages, to touch another dude’s man mane was considered offensive and cause for a dynamic duel.

Gibs Grooming

Alexander the Great made his soldiers shave before the battle of Ardela. Why?Have you ever been beard yanked? Not good.

Gibs Grooming

Gibs Grooming believes that as a man you must man your mane! They say that brittle, broomstick beards are for hermits and newbies to the beard game and that all men should have sleek, healthy beards and ‘starches are for real men. Their amazing products are created with argan, sunflower and olive oil and are without a doubt that best for your face muff. It’s the foundation of your beard oils, a magic mix that smoothes and softens your scruff like no one’s business. The result: A slick, perfectly polished manly brush in three strapping scents to suit your mood from caveman to talisman. Just take a glance at these Gibs men that Stacey and I had the opportunity to pose in this fab picture with during the show. Can you say yum cakes?

Gibs Grooming

It’s apparent that Gibs Grooming has some crazy cool branding in the works for their clients and I can only imagine that they will continue to wow us as time passes. My post won’t put a dent into the massive information that you can obtain by heading over to their site. Click here to head there now. In fact I had the opportunity to grab three of their products while I was at Bronner Bros.


So I just have one question for my readers ARE YOU READY TO MAN UP? USE GIBS!




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