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My First Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expo Experience

It’s A Gluten Free Celebration!

Hey Darlings! A few weekends ago I had the opportunity to serve as one of the Official Bloggers for the Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expo that was held here in Atlanta. I’ve tried over the past year to limit the kids and I intake of gluten for more reasons then I wish to explain so needless to say that I was very curious about what the expo had to offer. My morning began with my SUV literally dying in the parking lot but hey “STUFF HAPPENS”. I was so excited about seeing what the Expo had to offer that I totally forgot about the car issue. Upon arrival I was greeted by fellow amazing bloggers and I was elated to see that it was a new set of influencers instead of the normal cliches that are always at the “ATLANTA EVENTS”. I guess its fair to say that this wasn’t their cup of tea since it didn’t entail celebrities and the need to be “BEST DRESSED”. LOL! Check Us Out!

"BFree" "GFAF" "Gluten Free" "Media Girl" "Naturalbabydol" "Atlanta" "Food Blogger" "Foodie"

"GFAF" "Gluten Free" "Media Girl" "Naturalbabydol" "Atlanta" "Food Blogger" "Foodie"

We were whisked off to a secret VIP area sponsored by BFREE where we chatted, took selfies, walked the red carpet and enjoyed delicious bagels and fruit. I love that the Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly (GFAF) made special preparations for us to have time to talk one on one with many of the vendors before the crowd arrived. As I stated early this was my very first GFAF Expo so I truly did not know what to expect and as soon as those doors opened up the building was jam packed. There was a plethora of families, moms with small children, dads with strollers in hand and then there was I. I was so excited.

"BFree" "GFAF" "Gluten Free" "Media Girl" "Naturalbabydol" "Atlanta" "Food Blogger" "Foodie"


"BFree" "GFAF" "Gluten Free" "Media Girl" "Naturalbabydol" "Atlanta" "Food Blogger" "Foodie"

"BFree" "GFAF" "Gluten Free" "Media Girl" "Naturalbabydol" "Atlanta" "Food Blogger" "Foodie"

BFree Foods uses real, whole ingredients to ensure that their products are creates with high-quality, non-GMO ingredients that include deriving protein and fiber from whole peas, apples and potatoes using a unique blend of buckwheat and corn flours to provide gluten-like pliability. They have been a staple in our house for a few years.

Don’t get me wrong I have done my research on Gluten Free but by far would I classify myself as an expert but rather a Mom with a very open mind. The list of vendors can go on and on so for you’re reading time sake I’m going to highlight a few that stood out. I’m sure that some will be brands that you already know about as well as a few that I urge you to stay on the lookout for in your local markets.

Lets start off with the Brazi Bites Brazilian Cheese Bread. Can I just say that these are so amazing! If bread is a major obsession  then I highly recommend that you try these deletable bites. You all know that I am a very picky eater and these were absolutely one of my favorites from the GFAF Expo. I was amazed to find out that they come in four different flavors: Cheddar & Parmesan, Zesty Pepper Jack, Garlic Asiago and 3 Cheese Pizza. The little bites are naturally gluten-free, no preservatives, no trans fat, no sugar and no artificial anything! 

"Brazi Bites""BFree" "GFAF" "Gluten Free" "Media Girl" "Naturalbabydol" "Atlanta" "Food Blogger" "Foodie"

Bob’s Red Mill has always been a favorite of mine. Imagine how excited I was to have the opportunity to chat with then about their Gluten Freedom solutions. Bob’s Red Mill has been one of the trusted leaders in gluten free foods for like forever. Their Gluten Free Program includes:

  • A 36,000 square foot dedicated gluten free facility
  • Batch-testing every raw material before it enters the facility.
  • Batch-testing final products
  • R5-ELISA gluten assay used for testing
  • Labeling confirmed GF products with designated logos.

"Bob's Red Mill""BFree" "GFAF" "Gluten Free" "Media Girl" "Naturalbabydol" "Atlanta" "Food Blogger" "Foodie"

Rozoni Gluten Free pasta are a force to be reckoned with in and you truly can’t tell the difference in the taste. I was curious because I had company visiting from out of town and they requested my infamous southern macaroni and cheese. I decided to do the classic switch-a-roo to see if anyone would know the difference.

Here’s what I learned after doing my research: Ronzoni Gluten Free Pasta is produced in a gluten free facility, they are verified to be gluten free and each step in the manufacturing process is strongly controlled in order to protect the product from gluten contamination. Ronzoni Gluten Free Pasta is made from a unique blend of white rice, brown rice, corn and quinoa which gives it the benefits of tasting like white pasta and having a very smooth texture. Did I mention that each serving is only 19g of whole grains? That’s great news!

"Ronzoni""BFree" "GFAF" "Gluten Free" "Media Girl" "Naturalbabydol" "Atlanta" "Food Blogger" "Foodie"

"Ronzoni""BFree" "GFAF" "Gluten Free" "Media Girl" "Naturalbabydol" "Atlanta" "Food Blogger" "Foodie"

Did someone say sweets? I fell in love with Kinnikinnick’s cookies. This was my very first time hearing or tasting Kinnininnick’s and needless to say I definitely found a staple sweet treat for the house. There was a ton of different cookies to try but I opted to try the KinniToos Vanilla Sandwich Creme Cookies. It was love at first sight and since then I have been craving them. I just put in an order and I can’t wait until they arrive.

"BFree" "GFAF" "Gluten Free" "Media Girl" "Naturalbabydol" "Atlanta" "Food Blogger" "Foodie"

The GFAF Expo was indeed and amazing experience and Special Thanks to the Gluten Free Media for the invite! Are you ready to see all of my goodies? 

"BFree" "GFAF" "Gluten Free" "Media Girl" "Naturalbabydol" "Atlanta" "Food Blogger" "Foodie" "Mozaic"


"BFree" "GFAF" "Gluten Free" "Media Girl" "Naturalbabydol" "Atlanta" "Food Blogger" "Foodie"