"Hattie Marie's" "BBQ" "Texas Style" "Media Girl" "Naturalbabydol" "Atlanta Eats" "Food Blogger"




"Hattie Marie's" "BBQ" "Texas Style" "Media Girl" "Naturalbabydol" "Atlanta Eats" "Food Blogger"

Happy Saturday Darlings! So….a great friend of mine and I have literally been stalking Hattie Marie’s IG page for month trying to figure out how in the world would be finally be able to make time to head down to see if they really live up to all of the hype. So picture this! We finally decide that no matter what we are heading down today so literally in a matter of minutes we finalize our plans. We were both so excited to finally taste these mouth watering ribs that everyone has been making a fuss over. 

"Hattie Marie's" "BBQ" "Texas Style" "Media Girl" "Naturalbabydol" "Atlanta Eats" "Food Blogger"

I got dressed and awaited my friend to pick me up so that we can head to out final destination, Hattie Marie’s. Listen my mouth is literally watering and craving their pork ribs. Since the drive isn’t that long compared to other places we go we were eager to finally arrive. Upon arrival in downtown College Park we were extremely lucky to get a parking space in front of the restaurant. Please keep in mind that my expectations was that there would be a little more room inside but upon walking through the door I noticed that the space was very quint. 

There’s no instruction as to how the process goes to order so you do what everyone else is doing and jump in line. The line was literally wrapped around the room. My first response was to leave because of REASON 1: People were trying to eat but it’s extremely hard and irritating when folks are standing over you in line. They definitely need to get a better system of the ordering process. I would say that we were in line for about a good 20-30 minutes. Once you get somewhat close to the counter then a man came out to take our order (This is a very rushed process.) I later learned that he was the owner. Umm Ok! Once we reached the counter we gave the cashier our slip with our order written on it and we paid. So far ok! Here’s where it gets interesting! You literally have to fight for a table which leads to REASON 2: If folks are spending what we spent today then you expect to have a table to sit to in order to enjoy your meal. God was working in our favor because in a matter of 2 minutes after paying for my meal a table opened up that was the perfect size for our party of 5. 

Let me rewind the conversation for a moment. The menu is on the wall where you order but it’s very hard to see the prices because it appears that they are written in chalk. As a person who wears glasses like myself I had to revert to looking at the menu via my iPhone to figure out exactly what I wanted to order. Price wise they seemed to be inline with several other BBQ places that I have tried all over the United States. I won’t quote prices because I’m not sure if they change often I will say that I spent at least $30 today.

"Hattie Marie's" "BBQ" "Texas Style" "Media Girl" "Naturalbabydol" "Atlanta Eats" "Food Blogger"

Here’s what I ordered: The plate with 3 meats. Please keep in mind that you have a choice of three meats that exclude beef ribs and seafood. The plate comes with two sides so I decided to get all pork ribs, macaroni & cheese and french fries. The food is brought out by your server as your name is called so picture a room full of folks and them yelling “McIvy”.  The moment that I received my plate I noticed that the fries were frozen crinkle cut and they appeared to have been baked (YUCK!). Needless to say that as a lover of fries these were nasty to me. Plus they were ice-cold! The ribs looked good but when I took my first bite they tasted salty and dry. I had to over saturate them with the sauce the was on the table in order to eat them. I’m not one to brag but I make a mean Mac & Cheese so my expectations are all the way in heaven and theirs was just okay. All in all in my opinion and you all know that I keep it 100 that this was not a great meal. I can definitely say that they do an amazing job with marketing and posting the local Atlanta Celebrities eating their food but as a first timer dining at Hattie Marie’s I was NOT IMPRESSED!! Hey maybe it was just too busy for them to ensure that every meal was perfect but I wasn’t impressed at all. 


"Hattie Marie's" "BBQ" "Texas Style" "Media Girl" "Naturalbabydol" "Atlanta Eats" "Food Blogger"

Everyone who reads my blog knows that I rarely ever have a negative tone but the food just did not stand up to my standards. Plus rather I pay for my food or visit as a hosted visit (which this was NOT) I will always give my honest opinion. My friend also felt the exact way along with a few fellow patrons that were dining inside. I will say that although my experience wasn’t what I expected but Ms. Jackie was freaking AMAZING! 


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