"Inkspirations" "Coloring Book" "Relaxation"

Inkspirations for Women: Color Your World Happy – The Perfect Past time For Yogis

A Stunning Coloring Book for Women to Relax, Recharge, and Unleash their Creativity

New York Bestselling Author Marci Shimoff has recently launched  her newest addition to her book collection, Inkspirations for Women: Color Your World Happy – Inspiring Designs to Nourish Your Heart and Renew Your Spirit
With original art by Judy Clement Wall. 

The book celebrates millions of woman all over the world while encouraging women to leave the demands of a long busy day behind for a much-needed boost of creativity, relaxation and happiness. Women are the larger audience for adult coloring books and Shimoff has created the perfect one for them. The Inkspirations allows women to unwind and rediscover their inner artist with an eclectic mix of gorgeous designs to color and customize.

Believe it or not, scientists have studied coloring, and they’ve found that it quiets your mind, calms your thoughts, reduces stress, and allows you to simply be. As a mother and yogi this is exactly what the doctor ordered. I can recall as a lithe girl my mother would purchase my sister and I loads of coloring books for our relaxation time. We would all sit down together and color with each other as a part of how my mom trained us to unwind after the end of a  long day at school. Research shows that coloring can induce a kind of ‘flow,’ or active meditation, during which you lose your sense of time and your brain waves fall into a calming rhythm. As a result, worries fade away and creative blocks can become wellsprings of ideas.

Inkspirations for Women offers:

• Inspiring quotes and motivating mantras from the New York Times bestselling author and happiness expert Marci Shimoff on love, hope, gratitude, dreaming big, and more.

• More than 30 intricate designs from illustrator Judy Clement Wall, everything from flowers and fauna to meditative mandalas and more.

• How-to section by artist that guides readers in how to customize the art or to take their interest further by doodling or patterning within the pages.

• Thick stock paper allowing readers to use colored pencils, markers, or watercolors and perforated pages encourage framing or sharing finished pieces.

• Perforated pages for easy tearing and sharing.

The readers of Inkspirations for Women are invited to take a break from the busyness of life with this book’s captivating collection of exquisite original art. After spending a moment with this adult coloring book, women will come to see the world is their canvas to make some beautiful marks!


"Inkspirations" "Coloring Book" "Relaxation"

About the Authors:

Marci Shimoff is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, a world-renowned transformational teacher, and an expert on happiness, success and unconditional love. She’s authored the international bestsellers, Love for No Reason and Happy for No Reason, co-authored six titles in the Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul series, and is a featured teacher in The Secret. She currently co-leads a global online program called Your Year of Miracles to help people live more miraculous lives. Please visit: www.HappyforNoReason.com.

Judy Clement Wall is a freelance artist/illustrator, writer, and intrepid doodler. In addition to her commissioned artwork and illustrations, Judy creates unique cards and original artwork that celebrates life and inspires creativity. To see more of her art and read her published work, visit her web site at: www.judyclementwall.com.




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