iPhone 6 Plus is bending inside your pocket!

Do you remember the enormous lines of people who stood outside recently just to be amongst the masses to have one of the new iPhone 6 Plus phones?

We’ll it seems that there may be a small issue with the phones. I woke up this morning to almost every morning news show and the internet going bananas over the fact that the iPhone 6 Plus bending in your pocket.

So lets analyze this quickly. First of all who truly places an iPhone in their pocket? I was recently an iPhone owner and I never placed it inside my pocket, partly because the freaking phone was made of glass and so fragile. I mean they are so easy to break. I would be a tad bit more cautious with the new iPhone 6 Plus but hey that’s my opinion.

Fast Forward and now there are cases reported that the phones are bending. As of this afternoon Apple has not made a statement addressing the growing concern of their consumers but I am sure that they will have a press conference or release a statement before the week ends. Several owners have stated that the issue has occurred due to iPhone 6 Plus being so much larger and thinner than previous iPhones and the fact that the aluminum case simply doesn’t provide enough strength proportional to its length. Just incase You are still on the fence as to will these new 6 Plus phones bend well here’s a bend experiment that a fellow owner conducted. Have you experienced this issue? Leave us a comment or link to your blog post or social media pictures.


  1. WOW! I have the 4 and was nto planning on changing out right now due to a problem I encountered with the Droid Max. I upgraded to a Droid in the summer and as of last week…no longer a DROID fan and reactivated my 5. Why? Well apparently my DROID had something called stress point. Woke up one morning to my phone slowly being consumed by some black fuzzy like screen. By the next day the entire screen went black. Took it in and was told that the damage was my fault even though it was internal. I did not drop it or anything but apparently form it being in my pocket the internal LED screen cracked and as a result the screen slowly became black. I did some research and alter discovered that this was a common problem for some DROID users. I would much rather keep my 5 as it appears to be a little more sturdy.

    1. I totally agree. Funny thing is switched from an iPhone to a droid and I am so afraid that the same thing will happen. It seems that they just aren’t making the phones durable any longer. SMH

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