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ATL Live on the Park Honors Hip Hop DJ’s

Cricket Nation Private Event

Last night I attended a private Cricket Nation event with The Sistah Chick at The Park Tavern which is located at the end of Piedmont Park. The weather was amazing because as you know we are just entering Fall which was perfect since the restaurant is outside with an amazing ambiance. The Cricket Nation event was amazing. We talked, laughed, ate and drink until it was time to head over to ATL Live on The Park Hip Hop Unplugged hosted by Shanti Das & Marlon Nichols. Cricket Nation was one of the sponsors and we had amazing seats. Trust me the view was amazing.


Cricket Nation Private Event

Cricket Nation Private Event

And…..The night begun.

Hip Hop Unplugged

The DJ’s hit the turntables and busted the beats while the crowd went crazy. Hip Hop Mogul Shanti & Marlon began the evening by honoring several of the pioneers in the hip hop world. Many times these individuals go unrecognized when in reality they are truly the backbone to millions of the popular songs that we have come to love and vibe to in and out of the clubs and events. These are legends in their own rights and during this presentation of ATL Live On The Park, Shanti Das set out to recognize them and it was a huge success.

ATL Live On The Park

The Legendary DJ’s included DJ Searcy, DJ Toomp, DJ Smurf, DJ Nabs, DJ Kelly, DJ Jaycee and of course Kwan “KP” Panther were honored last night. The DJ’s hot the turntables like it was 1999! LOL The 90’s was indeed in full effect and the reaction of the crowd said it all.

DSC_0018Look at how crazy they had the crowd. It was bananas!

ATL Live On The Park

DSC_0031Perhaps the high light of the night was when my fellow Savannahian Big Boi of Outkast made a guess appearance. Big Boi actually presented “KP” his award and then received on as well. Check out his shirt. That’s right Baby WEST SAVANNAH!


ATL Live On The Park

The night ended with Big Gipp of Goodie Mob taking the stage and bringing the house down. The crowd was up on their feet and jamming to his beats. Did you attend on last night? I would love to hear your comments of the performances and see your pictures. Feel free to post your links and tag me your pictures on Instagram. Special Thanks again to Stacey AKA The Sistah Chick and Cricket Nation for an amazing evening!





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