Stranger Things


Hey Dolls! Guess what premiered on today? Drum Roll…STRANGER THINGS! What can I say except the kids and I are totally addicted to watching. I can still remember the first time that we binged watched Season 1 three years ago. It seems like it was yesterday. We’ll not really. I wish that it wouldn’t take so long for them to create the Seasons but I realize that with all of the bells and whistles needed to create these seasons it takes time. 


It’s become a tradition for the boys and I to watch the season together. We’ll except for Season 2 when BJ decided that Mario & I were taking too long so he started the season ahead of us but joined us once we caught up and we all finished Season 2 together. 

Fast Forward to July 4, 2019….


Today is the day! The moment that BJ and I woke up we were ready to watch Season 3 but Mario hadn’t woken up yet so we waited and waited and waited. Finally he woke up and once we were all settled and ready it was SHOWTIME. Let me start by saying that these kids aren’t babies any longer. They have grown into budding teenagers ready to experiment with the opposite sex. Heck the crew is now filled with two separate couples which leaves two of the male members girl friendless. I love how the show evolves into a coming of age saga with teens and also with the adults. 

I absolutely adore the writers because they truly out did themselves this time. There’s three different story lines going on at one time which eventually come together in the end. They even added on more characters to the gang: Lucas’s baby sister Erica, Robin who works with Steve and Dr. Alexei amongst others. Let me just say that Lucas sister Erica is hilarious and I’m glad that they decided to add a little more color in the show. You’ve been warned that Erica has a potty mouth and yes she’s only 10-years-old. 

Although the plot showcases three different stories taking place it becomes evident that thy can not exist without one another and in order to defeat the evil monster they MUST ALL WORK TOGETHER. Hell there’s even Russians underground in Hawkins. Yeah picture that in this small town where nothing ever happens. I was disappointed to find out that its only eight episodes in this season but they are truly action packed and kept me on the edge of my seat. 


The last episode has me on a cliff hanger. There’s so many things that need to take place in order to save the world. Hell even Dusty girlfriend makes her grand entrance in the episode. Yeah we all thought that he was lying but he really has a Nerd girlfriend. Hey what can I say us NERDs need love too. I have no idea how this episode is going to end especially since I’m presently watching it as I finish up today’s post. We’ll I guess you’ll all just have to watch it to find out.