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Today I dreaded doing my youngest sons natural hair. OMG! It literally takes me over 3-4 hours to shampoo, condition, detangle and style. I dread these days and so does he especially when I’m too lazy to actually do his hair more often than I normally do. Yep I’m that mom that will allow him to wear the same style of twist for a month. Hey! It’s easier for both of us which leads to our past week. In order for me to be able to conquer his semi-locked roots I had to untwist his natural hair, detangle his roots a little and then create huge chunky twist saturated with extra virgin olive oil. The chunky twist were covered and resaturated over about four day. Trust me this helped me out so much. If there’s one thing that I have learned is that its imperative for me to create a system that works for us. 

Fortunately for us Today was that day. The day that we’d been putting off for days perhaps weeks. He’s getting too big to shampoo his hair over the sink and sooner or later I’ll surely have to find more creative ways to get the job done. I normally NEVER EVER use heat on his hair in fact today was the first time in his 12 years of life. I didn’t use much heat just enough to straighten his roots a bit to make it easier to two strand twist. Why did I think that this process was going to easy peasy? Umm no ma’am! I think that we were sitting for over 4.5 hours. I had to detangle every single strand of hair. OMG! That took all day but its the only way that I can ensure that his hair stays healthy. Plus I doubt that he’ll ever want to get it cut nor will I want it cut. We both see his hair as a part of him. Any way it’s after 11PM and we just finished up his twist and this momma is exhausted. Have a good night