"Jamie Foxx" "Jetsmarter"

Jamie Foxx Is Sighted On Private Jet Wearing A Gold Band!

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Jamie Foxx was spotted on a private jet that was booked using JetSmarter, the private jet app currently available to Celebrities. JetSmarter has been taking off amongst Hollywood’s most notable celebrities. as its known as the go to mobile app for booking private jets on a whim. The membership is priced at $9,000 annually which seems to be great for A-Lister’s who prefer not to travel with the general public and having the ability to schedule a flight at a moments notice.



Foxx was sighted cracking jokes and having an amazing time. Foxx arrived at the White Plains Airport via helicopter transfer from New York City, and while aboard the flight to Atlanta, Foxx was mixing and mingling with passengers, telling jokes and face timing with fellow flyer’s families.

As you will see in the below image that Jamie is full of jokes but did you notice the gold band on his hand? Rumor has it that he and Katie Holmes have secretly wed, however the news has not been confirmed but we also spotted Katie earlier this month on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” also wearing a band. Hmmm…Inquiring minds definitely want to know!

"Jamie Foxx" "Jetsmarter"
P/C: 5W

Here’s a quick look at Katie’s Band? What do you all think? Are they secretly married?

"Katie Holmes" "Jamie Foxx" "Jetsmarter"
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