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Travel Tuesday Restaurant Spotlight: TonyP’s Dockside Grill – Los Angeles

I had the pleasure of traveling to Los Angeles on last month with one of my clients and while there officially on work assignment I took some time off to head to a restaurant that I had heard of from fellow traveling friends. As a native of Savannah, GA this Southern Belle can never turn down a little delicious seafood. If you grew up eating seafood cooked just about any way imaginable then you would also find yourself sampling seafood from restaurants during your travels.  TonyP’s opened in late 1996 and has since then become one of the places to visit in Marina del Rey. 

What I found particular interesting about TonyP’s is the assortment choice of room options that they offer. They aren’t just your average restaurant. You have the choice of their Tavern, Dockside, Dining Room or Water Front Tavern. In the event that your hosting a private event keep TonyP’s in mind. You can reserve these room options to fit your event needs.

"TonyP" "Los Angeles" "Travel"

The view of the marina was absolutely amazing and perfect for lunch on a sunny warm California Day. The menu was filled with so many amazing items that it made it almost too hard to make a my choice. Finally after skimming the menu for a few minutes I decided to try their Spicy Louisiana-Style Mussels. Prince Edward island mussels simmered in house Creole sauce and yep they are indeed a Little Spicy!

"TonyP's" "Los Angeles" "Travel"

I also tried their Crab Cake Entrée which consisted of 3 of their jumbo lump crab cakes, served with fresh, spicy mango-peach salsa. Can you say Yummy!

"TonyP's" "Los Angeles" "Travel"

Stay tuned for next weeks Travel Tuesday Restaurant Highlight!