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Jessica Robertson Collection from Dr. Sun Rx

Southern charm is finding an all new way to make the world a little bit sweeter thanks to the newest celebrity partnership to hit the market. The creators of Podz and Dr. Sun Rx have teamed up with Duck Dynasty’s own Jessica Robertson to launch a series of nourishing beauty products that will help her get the luminous looks she’s always dreamed of.

Jessica Robertson


The Jessica Robertson Collection includes a Bronzing Powder that allows you to maintain your tan. It will give you just the right amount of light bronzed color and moisture in an all-in-one formula. I absolutely love how the bronzer made my skin feel and the natural glow that it provides with very little effort.

Jessica Robertson

The sweet and cheeky colors from the Jessica Robertson Lip Gloss line collection are the perfect way to add a touch of spring and summer fun to any wardrobe. The gloss’ rich, creamy formula goes on smooth to plump your pout when on-the go and the perfect shade to accessorize any Spring Outfit. I have worn the lip gloss over the past three weeks and I was pleasantly surprised with how moisturized my lips felt and the decrease in the amount of times that I had to reapply versus my normal lip gloss. The true test can when I traveled to Jamaica on last week to work an event which left very little time for reapplying and I must say that my Jessica Robertson lip gloss not only had me looking like a Rasta Princess along with the handsome R&B King of Soul, Joe Thomas. I have indeed found my go-to lip gloss for the Spring!




Dr. Sun Rx was launched in 2009 by Howard and Christy Hogan, veterans in the tanning industry thanks to the successful launch of their Podz Eyewear brand in 2007.  They decided to expand their focus to cosmetics after their son was diagnosed with Keratosis Pilaris, a skin condition that causes rough patches and bumps. They formulated their own solution utilizing the healing properties of Vitamin D, and was so pleased with its success they decided to share it with others.

You can find all of Jessica Robertson’s collections at local tanning salons. Click here to find one near you.



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