Let Go


Have you ever heard the saying that “You can wear out your welcome”? As a little girl growing up I would often hear my grandmother utter that from her lips but as a child I never really paid much attention to what it actually meant.

Fast Forward… As an adult I quickly learned exactly what my grandmother meant when she made that statement. Over the course of my life discovered situations that transpired where welcomes had run there course but me being the person that I Am many times I found myself making adjustments  that would later be costly. Even in a previous marriage I found myself holding on to something that simply wasn’t there. Family is very important to me. I could care less about what someone thinks about me or the private conversations that are held but for me it was necessary for me to work hard to savage what I thought was fixable. I eventually learned that the welcome had run its course.

Let Go

Over the past few years a series of life events have taken place and while they all haven’t been great I can honestly say that each on left a mark on my heart or faith. When I found myself unemployed after working over twenty years to climb the corporate ladder, making amazing strides and obtaining the desired salary at that time I found that my welcome was worn out. I found myself broken, lost and feeling heart broken. How could the man do this to me? I was once their prize executive. It took me years to get over that hurt and to add injury to insult I found myself in a marriage that was ending. DOUBLE JEOPARDY! When life hits, it hits hard like a Mac Truck. Honestly it took me a few years to find peace with the situation and occurrences that took place but you know what? There had been signs that I ignored. Seriously obvious signs that God had shown me that I chose to ignore because I just knew that I could handle it myself. Wrong! In the end it was God who brought me through.

A few years ago I thought that a person that I trusted was someone who would eventually result in being the one. Child was I ever so wrong. Not only were they not the one but a LIAR. Granted I’ve known them for over 16 years and we had history as great friends. Listen time changes people for the worst. It’s even worser when others involved think that they can judge you or even decipher your character based on the lies that were told. The signs were there and guess what they were ignored and eventually the welcome had run its course. Chile it ran its course to the point of no return. A great friendship was lost in the process but it happens. 

Let Go

This past few weeks I had been contemplating a decision that one will either place me out in the wilderness or solely leaning on the Word of God. You know its one thing to speak of doing something but stepping out of the familiar into the unknown can be hard to disgust. I know spiritually, emotionally and financially it has to happen. There have been a series of events that transpired over the past few months that were very keen signs that the time has come but that little nervous voice in the back of my head talked me out of it many times. This week the decision was finally made. My welcome has run its course and I’m walking into my NEXT!