Lion King
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Hey Darlings! Last week I was invited out to a private media screening of the newly released Lion King. The reviews that I am invited to are normally hosted at the Atlantic Station Regal Cinema but this time the screening was held on Cobb Parkway also known as the Cumberland Mall area. I had never been to this theater that is also connected to the Main Event but it was a really nice theater. I wondered why I had never been there before. Perhaps its because its all the way on the other side of town. It wasn’t long before I learned why the movie was hosted here. The AMC Parkway Pointe has Dolby Cinema. Trust me when I say that there is no better way to see Lion King than at a Dolby Cinema. Be prepared to enjoy oowerful images and sound technologies combined with cutting-edge, reserved recliners to transform each show into a completely captivating cinematic event.

Lion King

The movie in my opinion never strayed away from the original. In a nutshell its the exact same movie that we all enjoyed as kids. The new look is so much better. OMG! How did we ever enjoy it in the past with such dull color and graphics? I absolutely loved the new cast and even more that the cast has more color with African Americans. It’s crazy that I haven’t seen the Lion King in years but the moment that it started I felt like a kid in the candy store singing every single song word for word. I think the singing was great. What stood out to me was Beyonce. Perhaps its just her distinctive voice. In my business its branding and I can’t be mad but listening to her talk as Nala sounded the same as her in Dream Girls and Cadillac Records. There was no difference in the voice as a character versus the other characters. I’m not sure if that was how it was planned but it was slightly annoying to me. I could see Beyonce and not Nala. It took away from the experience.  

Lion King

Although I know every part and occurrence in Lion King I found myself leaving out of the theater to stand in the hall when Mufasa was murdered. Listen I couldn’t take it. I knew that it was going to happen and had to happen but my soul just couldn’t take that scene. The movie was really good in my opinion and definitely worth going to see and taking your family. Especially if your kids have never seen the original. There are some movies that become apart of your family and become family traditions to watch for generations and this is definitely one rather its the classic or remake.