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Level Naturals Is The Perfect Subscription Box For Busy Moms

I was introduced to Level Naturals a few months ago when I received a complimentary subscription box from them to try their products after being contacted from a previous yoga post. Upon doing my research I learned that they were located in Downtown, Los Angeles California at The Brewery which happens to be the world’s largest artist colony. The company was founded by partners Jonathan Andrew and Sabrina Roberson in 2009 on their organic farm in Hawaii. I learned that Jonathan, a skin tech and cosmetologist with experience in design and product development and Sabrina, an aromatherapist, massage therapist, and Doula. It sounds like a match made in heaven for an amazing brand. Level is also a vegan, gluten and cruelty free, all natural company. Certified by Peta and Leaping Bunny, 100% made in the USA. Love It!

Level Naturals sells soaps, Bath Bombs, Shower Bombs, and Candles. Now these are not your average soaps and shower bombs, in fact their products in my opinion are the perfect end to a busy day. As a mother and entrepreneur my days seem to never end and many times my only quiet time is in the shower. Yes! If I can be honest that is sometimes the only time that I can get peace and quiet and a break from the hustle and bustle of my daily grind. Needless to say that I was excited to have the opportunity to try out one of their boxes. What I found great about the selection is they provide you with three options: THE GOOD, THE GOOD(ER) and THE GOOD (EST).

I received the The Good(er) Box to try and here’s what I received:

a: 1 Vegan Gluten Free big 6 Oz bar of incredible Level soap.

Level Naturals

b: 1 Box of our best selling, mind blowing, ass kicking shower bombs.

Level Naturals

c: 1 Travel soy candle, 100% natural so you can take fresh on the go.

Level Naturals

d: 1 Room & Body Mist, 4 Oz’s of incredible essentials oils and extracts to make your senses go BOOM.

Level Naturals

The Shower Bombs were tea tree and were simply amazing. I used them after a long day of running errands and meeting with clients or yoga and trust me they are the truth. It’s really easy to use them. Just place in the shower under running water and allow the steam to hit your face. What a refreshing treat for me especially as a mother of three. The other day after running around from Martial Arts, Gymnastics and Basketball this was the perfect unwind therapy. I actually felt like I was in an in-home spa.

The peppermint volcano was so refreshing especially after a long day in the hot sun working in my organic garden. At first glance when I received it I was a bit skeptical about using the soap when I first received my box. I think it was the color of the soap but once I tried it I soon found that it was just as refreshing as my shower bombs but with an extra kick to open up your senses. The candle came in handy for mediation during yoga and the room & body mist (in vanilla) is simply a dream come true. All in all I can truly say that this is by far my favorite subscription box and I will indeed be placing another order for additional shower bombs.


**I received a Gooder Box Complimentary In Exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.**




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