Live Up To Your Resolutions & Vision Board Aspirations in 2015

December is finally upon us and its the last month to finish off dreams. goals and desires created on 2014 because this chapter will soon be closing and we will be opening a brand new book for 2015. As I sit here and reflect on 2014 all I can say is “BUT GOD”! We must realize that may of the people that we work with & encounter daily will never live their true dreams, never reach for anything other than what they can see in front of them, never truly experience life because of fear. Many never aspire for anything better.

Why? I have learned in my experience that just as the saying goes “A closed mouth will never get feed”. I encounter countless individuals daily that have million dollar ideas but penny ambition when it comes to working hard to see their dreams come to fruition. I thank God daily for creating me and placing the mind to be a “fearless woman”.

It’s almost 2015 and I’m sure New Year resolutions are being created and vision boards parties are happening all over the world but my question to you is what have you done up to this moment, TODAY that has put you one step closer to your dreams/goals? Your vision board is compiled of many things that you hope to accomplish in 2015 but what have you done to drive the process. You have to put in the work! Have you put in the work? One must not sit around and expect for a successful business, new car or home, new position at work or that much deserved financial increase to fall in your lap. Life just doesn’t work that way. YOU HAVE TO PUT IN THE WORK!

Here are a few Tips to pursuing your 2015 Goals:

1.            Create your vision board or purchase a journal and make it your vision or dream journal. (I do both so that I have a board at home and a journal that I can have readily in my purse)

2.            Once your aspirations, goals and dreams are written then re-write them individually on post its. (I prefer the long ones so I can write more)

3.            Take the post it notes and stick them in the places you are the most in your house (Bedroom mirror or window, refrigerator, cupboards, doors, laundry room. OK you get the idea! I also stick them in my cubicle at work)

4.            Break down your goals and dreams. Prioritize them so that you can get a better understanding of which ones are easier to meet than the others.

5.            Conduct research. Find a mentor and/or an Accountability Partner. Arm yourself with like-minded individuals.


One aspiration that I wrote in my vision board was to be able to serve on a blogging team for 2014.  I recall when I wrote the aspiration that I was at the time fairly new to the blogging world but in my mind there are no limitations.  Although I may not be ranked among the top sought after bloggers I have accomplished so much in my first year. I was bless in 2014 to serve on many blogging & social media teams, work campaigns with brands that normally select the more experienced bloggers and started my social media marketing company which will officially launch in 2015.  This was all accomplished by writing a vision and making a plan. Its imperative to believe in yourself and distinguish what sets you apart from others. As we enter 2015 we all have the opportunity to tell to the world who we are, what we bring to the table and how we can build a brand. I challenge everyone to write the vision, make a plan and PUT IN THE WORK!


I would love to hear your thoughts!