Jamahl King’s Birthday Brunch: Fit For A King

On yesterday we were blessed to celebrate with  Jamahl King, CEO of Stepsevents for his 45th Birthday. Jamahl celebrated his birthday with a brunch surrounded by friends and family at one of Atlanta’s go to hot spots, Suite Lounge Atlanta. Everyone knows that when Jamahl throws an event its an #Stepsevents and that always means that the decor and ambiance is Just as all of the events that he plans. The brunch was an intimate affair filled with laughter, praises and dancing. We all paid tribute to Jamahl, Atlanta’s Premiere Event Planner and hands down the best in my book. It was a blessing to see him celebrate another year.


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The food was the ish! Chef Harper created a feast perfect for a King! We feasted on Shrimp n Grits, Lobster Veloute and French Chicken Breast Stuffed with Truffle Boursin Cheese to name a few of the dishes created by Chef Harper. You still have the opportunity to try his delicious dishes just head down to Suite Lounge and savor on one of his many creations.

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It wouldn’t be a #Stepsevents if the decor was not on point!

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As the Brunch came to end we could not end without paying homage to Jamahl, a man who has continuously put himself aside and lived a life of giving. I doubt there are few people who you can find that Jamahl hasn’t help guided, mentored, employed or motivated. He has a God-given gift putting others first. As we all toasted in honor of him celebrating another bless year there wasn’t a person in the room who could not testify to his Greatness! There wasn’t a dry eye in the room as we said his favorite phrase “CHEERS” except this time we said it to him instead of opposite. I can truly attest that in the last year Jamahl has truly been a blessing to me and guided me in directions for my business that others would have never done. He saw something in me that I knew was there but was afraid to act upon and because of him I have been able to take my social media marketing and blog to another level. I am forever grateful and may God continue to bless you. CHEERS to Jamahl!


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