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I recently discovered the Lotus Trolley Bag and all I can say is where has this brand been all of my life. If I can be totally honest I’m that girl who doesn’t like plastic bags but feels like I need to have a good amount in the house to use for miscellaneous things and situations but I despise having too many. I recently attended an Eco-Wellness Conference where I was inspired to gradually work towards living a greener life. It’s a process and as a family we are slowly transitioning.

Lotus Trolley Bags

I have no idea how I ever survived trips to the market without my Lotus Trolley bags! Oh the convenience of packaging up my items from the market and the transition of getting them home. When I initially put my Lotus Trolley bags to the test I headed to my local market to re-up on some groceries since it was the weekend. As I entered the market grabbed my cart and attached my bags to the front of the cart. As I proceeded through the market I stopped to grab my produce. Normally I would be subjected to pulling bag after bag of the plastic ones provided to grab my produce but thanks to Lotus Trolley Reusable Produce Bags. What I loved about them is that you receive a set of 9 eco-friendly bags which includes a includes 3 different sizes for all your varying produce needs: 3 small (12” x 8”), 3 medium (12” x 14″) and 3 large (12” x 17”). Each size is ultra-light and has its own beautiful color-coded band and tare weight tab. Ships in a plastic free eco-friendly box. These have literally saved my life. As the kids and I became more familiar with using them our shopping experience has been amazing. The kids love choosing a specific size bag and racing through the store to find the produce on the list that will fit inside their bags. As a conservative shopper I can appreciate that these bags are practically weightless so you don’t have to worry about extra weight being added when weighing your items.

Lotus Trolley Bags
Lotus Trolley Produce Bags
Lotus Trolley Produce Bags

What’s even more exciting is that you can use your Lotus Produce Bags thousands of times. Simply put them in the washing machine, hang to dry (dries rapidly!), and they will be good as new. You can even use them as laundry bags for your delicates.

I loved that their bags have been tested and evaluated for toxicity and safety by SGS. These Premium Reusable Bags can SAFELY hold all your fresh produce, fruits and veggies as they are BPA Free and FOOD CONTACT SAFE. Easily wash your produce directly in the bags. You can even use them as a sieve to make homemade nut milk!

Lotus Trolley Bags


The moment that I received my bags I knew that I was in for a treat. I normally carry about 15 different bags with me when I head to the market but thanks to my new Lotus Trolley bags all I need their four bags (one which is insulated). The insulated bag works wonders for my meats , frozen or cold items. Here are a few details and features:

  • 4 Bag Set Eco-Friendly
  • 1 Large INSULATED bag 
  • Egg & Wine Pockets 
  • Machine Washable 
  • Removable Rods
  • Durable Double Stitching
  • Mold-Resistant Mesh Bottoms
  • Fits Standard U.S. Grocery Carts 
  • Detachable & Multi Purpose 
  • Pockets for Produce Bags or Small Items

The Lotus Trolley Bag are made to fit perfectly at most grocery retail stores. Trust me I have already used them at four different stores without any problems. I even had a lady try to purchase my set from me. The set includes 4 reusable bags redefine grocery shopping and include numerous features to streamline grocery shopping. The bags spread across the cart, have mesh bottoms to prevent spills and mold, are washable and versatile. Did I mention that you can also remove the poles, large cooler + egg & wine holder? Their patented design allows for the poles to be completely removed, making the bags versatile & multipurpose. Made of the highest quality materials. Strong, durable & washable with 100% Quality Guarantee. LARGE cooler bag to fit frozen items! Our egg & wine pockets ensure your fragile items are always protect.

Green Living Lotus Trolley Bags
Eco Friendly Lotus Trolley Bags

Whenever you make a purchase from them, you’re supporting a small family-owned business plus its the holiday season and this is the perfect eco-friendly gift for your mom, wife or anyone in the family. In addition their “1% for the Planet” member so a percentage of each sale will support a great environmental charity. Make sure that you check your local Walmart because their offering the reusable #LotusProduceBags in select stores. Click here to check your area!