Happy Thanksgiving! This year flew by so fast and I can’t believe that 2019 is almost over. Click here to see 2018’s list. In a little over 5 weeks well be celebrating a brand new year. 2020 READY OR NOT HERE WE COME! Whew! This has definitely been a year for the books. There was so many lessons both good and bad that were instrumental in grooming me into the woman that I am Today, November 28, 2019. Today was filled with quality time with two of my sons, great food and so much to be thankful for in this season. As I took time to finally settle down from a day of preparing Thanksgiving Dinner for my family I took a few moments to reflect on the lessons and blessing that I experienced in 2018. Today I’m sharing 40 Things I’m Grateful For On Today (In no particular order).


  1. GOD – I am GRATEFUL to God for being a God of a second chance. I’m not perfect and when I have those rare moments when I feel like Turkesha can make it happen he still steps in and ensures that my path is cleared, guides me in the right directions, forgives me and loves me unconditional.
  2. LIFE – I’m GRATEFUL for waking up to see another day clothes in my right mind and the use of all of my limbs. God say it not robbery to breathe life in my another second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year.
  3. PRAYER – I am GRATEFUL for a having a strong prayer life. I am GRATEFUL for being an intercessor and having the ability & training to intercede on others behalf when God speaks to me.
  4. PAIN – This past year was filled with so many moments of pain. I am GRATEFUL that without those painful moments the strength that has been birth out of me would not exist. I’ve learned that after the pain wears off and it does there are always better days ahead.
  5. BEING SINGLE – I am GRATEFUL for my single season because it afforded me the time to learn myself, build a stronger prayer life, seek God’s face, observe and meditate on the type of Godly relationship I’ve been praying to have with my future husband. I understand my role as a help meet, 50/50 partner & lover, prayer warrior, companion, wife, girlfriend, anointed woman of God and cheerleader to my future husband.
  6. RELATIONSHIPS – I am GRATEFUL for all relationships past and present. This past year revealed true and fake relationships in business, spiritual and personal. 2018 made me pull out my gift of discernment and all of 2019 it served as a powerful tool when making decisions. 2019 taught me that some relationships are only seasonal and once they have or you have served your purpose that you’re no longer useful. I learned that many relationships in 2019 were based off of using my gifts and talents to benefit others and once the veil was removed the true motives of many was revealed. These relationships at the time were painful and felt as if I would not come out a champion but they actually served as a long hallway that led to where I stand today.
  7. SELF HELP BOOKS – I am GRATEFUL for self help books.This year I was very intentional about taking more time to help myself. The past years I focused on ensuring that others were taken care of but the truth is that I can help anyone from an empty glass.
  8. MEETING A BLACK KING – I am GRATEFUL for the Black King that entered my life for a very short season. In December of 2018 I met a Black King who became a great friend that I could simply talk to when I needed to vent and share my wins. For years I had been hurt from a past relationship that was well over 10 years and this Black King through intellectual conversation helped mend my broken heart and helped open it up to loving again. I am GRATEFUL for God placing him in my path at his assigned time.
  9. FACE MASK – I am GRATEFUL for an amazing face mask. I am GRATEFUL for those days that I can just relax, unwind, read a great book and lay in a face mask.
  10. SUNFLOWER SEEDS – I am GRATEFUL for a huge bag of David’s Sunflower Seeds (my favorite) on any given day. They make me smile and taste amazing!
  11. MY PAST – I am GRATEFUL for my past because its the building blocks to the amazing woman that’s writing this post.
  12. GOOGLE MINI – I am GRATEFUL for my faithful Google Mini’s that are all over my house. I love how they listen without talking back; play my favorite songs by Joe, Avant, Betty Wright and Keke Wyatt; give step by step directions for my favorite recipe and help schedule out my busy days.
  13. YOGA – I am GRATEFUL for my yoga practice. It has been so instrumental in my sanity. My practice allows me to pray, meditate and learn my inner self.
  14. NETFLIX – I am GRATEFUL for my Netflix subscription especially on those days when I just want to stay in bed, work and watch a great movie.
  15. TEA – I am GRATEFUL for all of the amazing tea that I have discovered this year. I get joy from tasting tea from all over the world.
  16. MY BLOG – I am GRATEFUL for my blog, Naturalbabydol. I love having this outlet to share my life, adventures, wins, fears and life’s everyday moments.
  17. STEAMING HOT SHOWERS – I am GRATEFUL for this quiet moments in a steaming hot shower when I can unwind and talk to God about my day. This is when I get so many creative ideas.
  18. PROPHETIC GIFT – I am GRATEFUL for my prophetic gift. I am GRATEFUL that GOD trust me to reveal things that are to come through dreams and open visions. God has prepared me for so many situations through this gift and I am GRATEFUL.
  19. HAPPY PLANNERS – I am GRATEFUL for my HAPPY PLANNERS! They keep me organized and ready for the world.
  20. MY CLIENTS – I am GRATEFUL for this amazing year of building brands, risk management and serving as a resource in the market place.
  21. PETTICOATS – I am GRATEFUL for petticoats because they make my vintage skirts looks so cute.
  22. PHOTOGRAPHERS – I am GRATEFUL for the photographers who were instrumental in shooting me in 2019 and helping me build my brand.
  23. FLOWERS – I am GRATEFUL for fresh flowers. I get such a joy from buying fresh bouquets.
  24. DIFFUSER – I am GRATEFUL for my diffuser because on those long stressful days when I need to calm down all I need to do is click my remote and boom….fresh peppermint or eucalyptus fills the air and transforms any room into an in-home spa.
  25. SWEET PEPPERMINTS – I am GRATEFUL for sweet peppermints. The moment that I place on in my mouth I am instantly whisked away to my childhood remembering moments that I shared with my granny.
  26. MORNING WALKS – I am GRATEFUL for my morning walks that set the tone for my entire day and help me stay in shape.
  27. DIVINE CONNECTIONS – I am GRATEFUL for divine connections. God intentionally placed me in the appointed places at the appointed time.
  28. JOURNALS – I am GRATEFUL for my millions of journals. I’m old fashion and there’s nothing like writing down your thought, fears, hopes, dreams and intentions.
  29. OPPORTUNITIES – I am GRATEFUL for the opportunities that God presented before me in 2019. This year God brighten so many dim lights.
  30. FAITH – I am GRATEFUL for having unwavering faith in God and his promises. He’s not a man that he shall lie. If God said it than it shall surely come to pass.
  31. PEACE – I am GRATEFUL for peace. This was a year of horning in on all things PEACE.
  32. ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER – I am GRATEFUL for my accountability partner. I am GRATEFUL for having someone like minded to bounce ideas off, share my success stories and having someone to cheer me on instead of me always being the cheerleader.
  33. MY BEST FRIEND – I am GRATEFUL for my best friend. She knows me probably just as good as my mother. I am GRATEFUL to GOD for blessing us to share ever second of our lives with one another. I am GRATEFUL that we hold one another together like glue, inspire each other and continue to work diligently to build our businesses, family and walk with God.
  34. AMAZON PRIME – I am GRATEFUL that I can get 2-Day shipping with my Amazon Prime account.
  35. HOT CHOCOLATE – I am GRATEFUL for a delicious cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day.
  36. LOTUS TROLLEY BAGS – I am GRATEFUL for my Lotus Trolley Bags because were no longer a plastic bag family. We now use recyclable bags. Plastic Free Family.
  37. KRISPY KREME HOT SIGN – I am GRATEFUL for that bright red sign that lets me know that I can buy piping hot doughnuts.
  38. FAMILY – I am GRATEFUL for my loving family. They are my rock, foundation and future.
  39. MY FUTURE – I am GRATEFUL for the glimpse that God has given me of my future.
  40. MY FUTURE HUSBAND – I am GRATEFUL for my FUTURE HUSBAND. He’s a mighty Man of God, Scholar, Intellectual, Business Man, Forward Thinker, Genius, Intercessor, Great Father, Provider and Loving Husband.