Thank You


Lord I just want to say Thank You. I thank you for waking me up this morning clothed in my right mind with the use of all of my limbs. This week has been one for the books. It seemed like the devil was waging straight warfare on my two best friends and I. There wasn’t a missed beat when it came to dealing with this spiritual warfare that the three of us found ourselves apart of on this week. One day one of us would have a break and then the next day two of us would be going through and the one thing that remained consistent on all of our lives was praying and Thanking God even in a bad situation.

It’s a fact that God’s word NEVER CHANGES and if he said it then it shall surely come to pass. God’s timing isn’t our timing but when it happens its always right on time. Today I began to reflect on all of the amazing things that he has done for me. My life hasn’t been a silver spoon in my mouth but God continues to show me that he’s present and loves me. I AM a KINGS KID and I SHALL INHERIT my INHERITANCE.