Marrying For Purpose
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Hey Darlings! Last week I took a 5 Day Praying For My Future Husband with over 70,000 single male and females. The week was a series of participating in daily prayers with different figures in the Body of Christ. The prayers took place in both the morning and the evening. The process was seamlessly for those who were able to participate Live as well as those who didn’t have the opportunity to join us live but were able to stay on track by watching the replay videos. The week was filled with knowledge and minor things that I noticed within myself that I should be more intentional during this process. To document the process I created a series of mini recaps daily as a representation of the process and my progress. You can never stop learning and over the course of the week I can honestly say that I learned a plethora of information that will be beneficial for my future marriage.

When I wrote my daily recaps during the 5 Day Challenge I ensured that I was being very intentional about seeking the face of God in my present and next chapter of my life. In 2016 I left all of my past hurt from a previous divorce behind. Although it had been years since the divorce leading up to 2016 honestly it took me quite some time to completely heal, grow, learn myself again and build my confidence that had been broken from that marriage. So many times we get divorced or leave a relationship and jump right back into another relationship without ever fully healing. There’s no microwave healing when you’ve been hurt in a relationship. It takes time , prayer and self reflection to heal. It’s no difference than when you have a bruise or cut on your body. You have to clean the area, apply medicine and cover with a bandage.  It takes time for it to heal and it’s the same way when you end a relationship. The hurt that you feel needs to be nurtured, bandaged with the word of God and given time to fully heal. Don’t rush the process! 

The word Intentional means to be done on purpose; deliberate. This has become my mantra, to do things with and on purpose. Intentional is a strong Affirmation and if applied properly in my life it can serve its purpose to help me work towards the life that God has intended for me.

On last month I was watching a POWERFUL yet AFFIRMING sermon entitled “I’m Just Trying To Keep It Together” being preached by Dr. Jamal Bryant. As I watched this sermon I realized that there are so many marriages built off of sex, financial means, outer appearances and a host of things that will never benefit a Godly Marriage. The society that we live in presently deems these behaviors acceptable. There is less of a push for marriage but a drive for singleness. As a divorced woman I myself hadn’t considered some of the points that Pastor Bryant pointed out in his sermon. He spoke of three reasons why marriages end in divorce.

  1. Income: Bills, Debt & Spending (Income does not equate equality)
  2. Intimacy: Problem with frequency, quality, quantity and infidelity 
  3. Imagination: Undiscussed expectations

The points above are very important and should be discussed before taking your vows. Each point above has a deeper root that couples need to dig into as they began the steps to building a life together. There’s more to marriage than just a fancy wedding and reception. When I felt that my heart was finally open to dating, courting and then marriage I made the decision to be very intentional with the conversations, interactions and my prayers. This is my year of Intention and Overflow. The past few weeks God has continued to confirm promises that he made to me concerning my future marriage and a time set aside for prayer and worship as the process begins. I can finally say that over the past few years of intentionally working on myself and leaning on God that I’m healed from my past and ready for my future. My prayer life combined with fasting has prepared me for the moment when God reveals me to my Future Spouse. God is so amazing! He will give you a sneak peak into your Future but you MUST WAIT on HIM. Many of us that have a prophetic gift will find ourselves running ahead of God but we must all our Heavenly Father’s Divine Plan to work in its divine timing. Sis if you’re reading this remember to Stay The Course. Don’t press the gas pedal too fast and don’t use your brakes too often. Ride the journey on cruise control and allow God to do his perfect work in both of your lives.

I recently posted a mini article on Facebook because I was getting various inboxes from both single and married. I was surprised at the amount of discouragement that I received during the 5 Day Prayer. There were many who helped celebrate the process with me but for every celebration there was a demon attempting to plant a seed of discord. The article was in depth and caught the attention of my audience.

Ain’t no devil in or around hell going to throw me off course. I AM getting MARRIED in 2020. When God aligns you with the person that he created for you the connection happens and with God as the head the rest is history. This marriage that I’m patiently awaiting God to reveal unto my handsome husband will be one filled purpose. Our purpose and anointing will compliment one another. Here are a few characteristics of My Future Husband:

  • Will be Consecrated and Dedicated
  • Will Love God more than he loves me
  • Will Be Purified
  • A man after God’s own heart
  • Will have a Pure Heart & Clean Hands
  • Connect with what I was made to do and vice versa
  • Called to your Purpose
  • Will Discover his Purpose
  • A Worshipper of God
  • Lover of God
  • Healed from old relationships and wombs
  • Will be Sexually Purified
  • Will have discernment to see the counterfeits
  • Man of Standard