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Hey Darlings! It’s that time of year! Love is in the air! If you’re anything like me then you absolutely love a great love story. I guess you can say that I’m a hopeless romantic. Which leads me my next question. Do you know your Love Language? Is your love tank empty? Is your partners love tank empty?

Love Nudge For Couples

Couples many times find themselves busy with their individual schedules, long days and putting out fires so many times expressing love can fall by the wayside. We often forget to compliment, to give one another “just because” gifts or embrace each other even if for a few minutes. You may find that time slips by and you’re not even telling one another “I Love You” which aids in emptying your love tank. The world renown “5 Love Language” book guides you chapter to chapter on a plethora of ways to learn each others natural love language. Once you discover each others Love Language your then able to effectively fill each others Love Tank.

With over 11 MILLION COPIES SOLD, The 5 Love Languages®has transformed countless relationships. The author walks you through real life counseling sessions and scenarios. I’m excited to share with you the latest addition  to the 5 Love Languages Family, Love Nudge for Couples.


Love Language for Couples will help you put the concepts of The 5 Love Languages® into action in ways that are easy, obvious, and satisfying. Love Nudge For Couples

1. LEARN YOUR LOVE LANGUAGE – Take the official 5 Love Languages® quiz to discover your preferred Love Language.

2. CONNECT WITH YOUR PARTNER – Use the app individually or invite your partner to download, take the quiz, and link profiles.

3. SET YOUR GOALS – Set goals to regularly take on activities that align with your partner’s Love Language.

4. NUDGE – Start nudging! Send your partner a playful nudge to suggest activities or to find out how full their Love Tank is.

Love Nudge For Couples

I had a great time experimenting with the Love Nudge App. The process is very simple. All you do is add your information and answer a few questions that then determines your love languages in order based on your response. You can them add your partners information and send them a link to complete their information. Once all the information has been entered you have the ability to see the levels of your Love Tank.

Love Nudge For Couples

My score determined that my Love Languages are categorized from 1-5 (1 Being the Top).

  1. Words of Affirmation 33%
  2. Physical Touch 30%
  3. Quality Time 13%
  4. Acts of Service 13%
  5. Receiving Gifts 10%


You’re able to add goals that will make your parter feel loved. I love that this app is so innovative. This is perfect for a person who travels a lot and struggles with getting quality time in with their partner and now thanks to the Love Nudge App all you have to do is take out a few minutes to help fill your partners love tank with a few kind words of affirmation or a physical touch even if for a brief moment.


Love Nudge For Couples

Download the LoveNudge App and you will be entered to win Dr. Gary Chapman’s #1 New York Times bestseller The 5 Love Languages®, The 5 Love Languages® for Men, AND The Love Languages Devotional Bible (hardback)! Go to to enter and for more details.