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Make The Change For 2016 & The Super Bowl! “Swap It” with Garden Lites®

Year after Year, Millions of people all take the vow to eat healthier and add a regular fitness routine to their new year resolution and the majority fall off the wagon. Its like the saying, “Only The Strong Survive”. I’m happy to announce that Garden Lites®, has the solution just in time for the New Year and the Super Bowl! Have you heard of Garden Lites®? We’ll they are actually a very Delicious Vegetable Company whom is debuting their all new veggie-rich products that actually help you survive an unhealthy season and they are actually delicious. Long Gone Away are healthy snacks that taste awkward because Garden Lites® has created the ultimate healthy snack that you will actually want to “Swap It” Out for those empty, sugary calories and you will be eating nutritious! That’s a WIN-WIN!

The New Years and the Super Bowl can be a time for indulging, but staying healthy while snacking doesn’t have to mean sacrificing taste for health. In a time when eating your recommended daily servings of veggies seems an impossible feat, Garden Lites® has made it easy with their veggie rich foods including Garden Lites® Nickelodeon Ninja Power Muffins, the original Garden Lites® Muffins, Garden Lites® Veggie Bites, and the new Garden Lites® Mac & Cheese. These fun and delicious flavors offer healthy options for all occasions to help you and your family to stay healthy this season because at Garden Lites® the first ingredient in everything is a vegetable!

krabby muffins

Garden Lites Nickelodeon Ninja Power Muffins and SpongeBob Chocolate Krabby Square offers your little one with a fun and nutritious snack perfect for sending to school for snack time. Why not swap in these healthy muffins, made from fresh vegetables like zucchini, carrot and spinach to help fill and fuel up your little ones. Kids absolutely love the cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and SpongeBob characters on the package, while parents love the fact that each muffin is 1/4 veggies, low calorie, source of fiber and whole grains, and gluten, dairy and nut free.


Be the hit this Super Bowl or New Year’s party by serving delicious and poppable Garden Lites Veggie Bites instead of the typical fatty, greasy appetizers. Veggie Bites are leading the way in the frozen food aisle as one of the first veggie-rich and gluten appetizers to hit the market. Perfect for special occasions, sports gatherings, or even a mid-day snack, everyone’s falling in love with these delicious bites.

With nutritional boasting 6 grams of protein, 2 grams of fiber and 5g of whole grains per serving, you’ll stay full longer. Flavors include Broccoli & Brown Rice, Kale & Brown Rice and Cornbread and are only 130 calories for a serving of four.

"Garden Lites®"


"Garden Lites®"


"Garden Lites®"

Garden Lites Muffins may have vegetables as the first ingredient, but you, and your kids, would never know! With delicious flavors like Blueberry Oat, Banana Chocolate Chip, or decadent Chocolate, “healthy” will be the last thing on your mind. Garden Lites 2 oz Muffins are made of 1/3 vegetables, low calories, a good source of fiber, contain 5g Whole Grains and are Gluten, Dairy and Nut Free to boot.

"Garden Lites®"

With the weather changing, swap out your old comfort food standby and feel good about indulging in new to the market Garden Lites Mac & Cheese. Garden Lites has re-envisioned this classic dish so it’s loaded with veggies, offering over one full serving in each dish! While veggies can be found in the sauce, sprinkled throughout and even in the pasta, all you’ll taste is rich, creamy cheese. At only 240 calories for the entire bowl, and the added benefit of 12 grams of protein, 25 percent of your daily calories needs and only 10 grams of fat, you can’t go wrong.