Introducing TUX, Our Newest Member Of The Whitfield-McIvy Family

My youngest son recently celebrated his ninth birthday and has been hinting around for well over a year that he wanted a puppy for his birthday or Christmas. I searched high and low online, offline, shelters and through social media associates in search for a puppy to surprise him with and too much avail I simply did not have any luck in my quest. It was a few months after I assumed that my search was over when one of my Best Friends called me and asked when I would be traveling back home to Savannah again because she had a client who had a puppy that would be perfect for our family. The previous owners only request was that we have a big yard. We’ll we definitely do in fact the deer’s & squirrels think that they own my property.



Upon speaking with her and making arrangements to travel back home the mission was set to surprise Mario. My older kids, mom, sister, niece and nephews were all on board with keeping the secret from him and trust me he had no idea. Once we traveled home I made plans to pick the puppy up after church service, right before we were to get back on the road to come back to the Atlanta area. The moment that we pulled up to the previous owners home my youngest was getting anxious as to where we were going. I asked him to come inside with me and when he say TUX he asked whose puppy was he and I said yours, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mario was so excited he said “Mommy tell me this isn’t a dream”. I told him no sweetie, this is your puppy. Mario has been on cloud nine since then. TUX has been a member of our family for a little over two months and its by far THE BEST BIRTHDAY SURPRISE. Although Tux was Mario’s birthday gift he has openly shared him with his older brothers. It’s taken the family a moment to get adjusted to having a four-legged individual running around but he is definitely apart of our clan. Stay tuned for more Adventures of TUXEDO!