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Share Your Favorite Summer Vacation Destination in a #McPick2 Jingle #AD

The Joy of Picking Between A Tropical Summer Vacation Destination: Jamaica or Mexico

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What does happiness mean to you? Happiness means so much to me and just spending time with my family, celebrating my friends & family wins, scratching off an item on my bucket list and of course choosing a beautiful island to vacation to are components in my happiness. As the Summer approaches many families will venture off on Summer excursions and vacations around the word and thought came to me if I had to choose a destination to visit, relax and soak up some Vitamin Sea and my options were between Jamaica and Isla Cozumel, Mexico. I would definitely chose Jamaica. Don’t get me wrong I love traveling to Cozumel and boy did I have a great time but Jamaica owns my heart!

"McPick2" "Happiness" "McDonalds" "Jamaica" "Naturalbabydol" "Travel" "Summer" "Vacation"

I guess you can say that I’m an island girl at heart and the fact that its one of the most beautiful places to visit and take your family. The moment that you step off of your plane you are immediately hit with the hot Jamaican sun. I love how I am immediately greeted by fellow Jamaicans as I take the long stroll down the twist and turns to get my clearance through customs to start my vacation. I realize for some it may seem like a hassle going through their super long customs line but the moment that I step pass getting my passport stamped and walk through the small area between the cubicle stands that house the customs officers I am overwhelmed with extreme happiness.


"McPick2" "Happiness" "McDonalds" "Jamaica" "Naturalbabydol" "Travel"


Millions of people travel to JA to take in the beautiful scenery, excursions, creating memories and of course the beautiful blue ocean. The water is so clear and the moment that I place my foot down to take my place in the ocean another burst of happiness comes over me and I can honestly say the exact same thing for my kids. It’s hard to explain but its a lifetime of happiness wrapped into a beautiful Island. That’s exactly why they say “Jamaica Me Happy”.

"McPick2" "Happiness" "Summer" "Vacation" "McDonalds" "Jamaica" "Naturalbabydol" "Travel"

 Guess what else is awesome about Jamaica and also makes an Island Girl like myself Happy? The fact that McDonald’s gives their customers the amazing option of picking two great timeless classics on their McPick2 menu.  Did you know you can pick between a Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish or 10 pc nugget?  It’s super easy! All you need to do to say is walk up to the counter or head through the drive-thru and say “Lemme Get a McPick 2”.

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