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Mercedes Benz Evolution Tour Atlanta 2015

On last week I was invited out to the 2015 Mercedes Benz Evolution Tour here in Atlanta. The tour combines music, art and fashion together all in celebration of Mercedes-Benz. The tour kicked off in New York City on June 23rd and made stops in Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and next up is Austin. The Mercedes Benz Tour showcases amazing concerts with Bastille and Passion Pit, art displays by Gregory Siff and Zio Ziegler, as well as a one of a kind “Style Factory”.

"Mercedes Benz" "Evolution Tour" "Luxury Cars"

The Atlanta stop was nothing short of amazing. Thousands of Mercedes Benz lovers all gathered at the Georgia Freight Depot for an amazing night of signature cocktails, fashion, selfies, t-shirt designing and of course the awesome concert by Bastille and Passion Pit.

"Mercedes Benz" "Evolution Tour" "Passion Pit" "Bastille" "Zio Ziegler" "Gregory Siff"

"Mercedes Benz" "Evolution Tour" "Passion Pit" "Bastille" "Zio Ziegler" "Gregory Siff"

As guest entered the Mercedes Benz Evolution Tour they were greeted by representatives that guided you through the host of stations available at the event. The first adventure was the custom tshirt station where we were able to select from four signature designs by Zio Ziegler & Gregory Siff. Ziegler is known for his paintings both on canvas and gigantic murals, his mission is to make his art as accessible as possible. Siff on the other hand from MoMA PS1 to the Santa Monica Museum of Art, has shown himself to be a force to be reckoned with. I chose the Evolve by Gregory Siff! Benz logos everywhere for this Lady!

"Mercedes Benz" "Evolution Tour" "Passion Pit" "Bastille" "Zio Ziegler" "Gregory Siff"

The 2015 Mercedes-Benz Evolution Tour is where art, music, and fashion come together for five nights in five of the country’s biggest cities, all to celebrate the next generation of Mercedes-Benz.  With Bastille and Passion Pit taking the stage, art displays by Gregory Siff and Zio Ziegler, and a one of a kind “Style Factory”, the show will be sure to both inspire and entertain.

The Style Factory was the spot for Fashionistas! There was everything from selfie stations to flash tattoos. All you needed to do was  step into The Evo Style Factory and evolve your style. Guest were welcome to get bedazzled on their face with jewels and to complete their look they finished off with a fierce flash tattoo. Once you’ve been styled why not head over to the selfie station for your Hollywood Photo Op!

"Mercedes Benz" "Evolution Tour" "Passion Pit" "Bastille" "Zio Ziegler" "Gregory Siff"

The main feature of this tour is to showcase their two Mercedes-Benz models that are geared towards younger buyers—The GLA and CLA models. The tour will make its last stop in Austin on October 22.