"Copycat Sonic Watermelon Slush" "Sonic Watermelon Slush" "DIY"

5 Ingredient Copycat Sonic Watermelon Slush W/ Fruit + Adult Version


Happy Labor Day! We are back at again with another refreshing Copycat Sonic Watermelon Slush recipe…well sort of! The Sonic Cherry Limeade recipe was a huge hit we decided to create another one! Just in case you missed the post you can grab the recipe here. The past week I have been trying to figure how in the world could I recreate Sonic’s fan favorite. Trust me it was a battle and I think perhaps I was truly over thinking what my recipe would consist of so I decided to take a day off to rest and take another stab at creating one. I finally decided to create a simply easy fruit watermelon slush that would be both refreshing, sweet and a great drink for any occasion and perfect for adding a little something extra to turn it into an adult version drink. Let’s start with the kid friendly version of my Copycat Sonic Watermelon Slush which just happened to be another kid favorite.

[yumprint-recipe id=’5′] "Copycat Sonic Watermelon Slush" "Sonic Watermelon Slush" "DIY"

"Copycat Sonic Watermelon Slush" "Sonic Watermelon Slush" "DIY"

"Copycat Sonic Watermelon Slush" "Sonic Watermelon Slush" "DIY"



Depending on how much alcohol you add to your watermelon slush you may need to add more ice to keep it in its slushy form. The nerds are optional. I would prefer them even in the adult version but I’m sure most adults will want to skip them since they are adding alcohol. I would suggest serving in a smaller cup like the one below.

Copycat Sonic Watermelon Slush" "SonicWatermelon Slush" "DIY"

I made these for Labor Day and they were an instant hit for both the kids and adults. Please feel free to share the recipe and send me updated variations that you created. What are your favorite slush flavors?