Deep Freezer


So many times we fail to check on our strong friend. I’m that strong friend! I haven’t really had a moment to stop and freak out over anything that’s happening in the world because between maintaining my sanity with making sure that my work in ministry is excellent, grinding to keep a roof over my kids head and having clients drop their service I’ve only been on auto pilot until this week. I should have known that day was a peculiar one when a series of unexpected occurrences began to take place. My morning began with prayer and some worship before my feet touched down on my bedroom floor. As the morning progressed there were several small incidents that were a clear indication of how my evening would end had I only paid attention to the subtle clues throughout the day.

As the afternoon progressed there was a crazy glitch with the day’s inspirational message that led to a few hours of research until it was discovered that it was an internal Facebook issue. Cool! Issue resolved! A few hours I received a concerning email that at first glance seemed like it was a simple solution. Wrong! That took a few hours to resolve and you already know that time waits for no man. The next time that I glanced at the clock it was time for the media team to prepare for our evening conference speaker. Everything went well. There was no issue so in my mind I’m thinking the rest of the night would be calm and collective.

deep freezer

The kids decide that they wanted hamburgers for dinner. No problem! As I started to prepare the hamburgers I realized that we needed a few more. After all I have a house full of hungry young men so I head downstairs to the garage to check to see if I have any additional hamburgers in my deep freezer. The moment that I opened my deep freezer I’m stopped dead in my tracks as I realize that the deep freezer has completely defrosted. I began to panic because those that know me already know that I always keep a house full of food especially my deep freezer. All I can see is waste! I don’t even take a moment to access the damage because I immediately head to my bedroom to break down and cry. I realize that during this moment all the stress, anxiety, excitement and sorrows that I experienced over the past month are immediately released at this very moment. I snap back and realize that I don’t have the time right now to have an extreme episode because I have to access my current situation and create an immediate solution. My two older sons spring into action to help me because I am of course still in the middle of a mini breakdown.

We had to trash about half of the item in the deep freezer and able to savage what we could at this point. I am still unaware of why the deep freezer stopped working or when it actually happened. My oldest son shifted the location of the deep freezer in our garage as I worked diligently to discard all of the bloody water that was found at the bottom once I removed all of our meats. Ugh! I get so easily freaked out over seeing certain things and seeing a freezer full of blood but I put on my “Big Girl” face and cleaned the deep freezer with cleaning solutions and bleach. Whew! What a task to complete but I did it! Once I was finished I was able to ensure that the freezer was operating and replaced my savaged food. Somewhere during all of this my crazy dog decided that he wanted to lick whatever liquids that were on the garage floor before we cleaned it up. He’s a bit weird. I hope that it wasn’t bloody water. Any way he made me mad because he was acting crazy so I had BJ give him a dose of his doggie CBD oil on a treat which instantly calmed his butt down. Crazy right? Sometimes I think that I have the craziest life with the stories that I could tell. If you don’t take anything from my experience I pray that you at least periodically check on your strong friend because we break down too!