Random Things


Hey Darlings! I’m spending some time with my best friend of over 40 years this weekend. It just dawned on me to share a few random things about both of us. It’s been a great day so why not share a few things about us. Shhh…Although she reads my blog everyday she’s probably going to get me for this one but hell who cares? Here we go! 

  1. She loved Tony from High Five.
  2. I loved Keith Sweat.
  3. We both attended every concert that hit Savannah from the age of 10 to 25.
  4. She liked thug guys and so did I.
  5. I wanted kids but she was the one saying naw not me…LOL!
  6. She was a cheerleader.
  7. I was on the drill team.
  8. Our parents all grew up together…like right next door!
  9. We use to walk on her Daddy’s prayer rug (he’s going to beat our tails).
  10. We use to be afraid to take paths in the woods because the neighborhood kids would say that “Dan Dan The Boogey Man” would take us.
  11. We spent every Christmas and Birthday with each others family
  12. She loved Ralph Tresvant and I loved Johnnie Gill.
  13. We both used old cassette tapes from J.C. Lewis Ford to record our favorite song over by adding a small piece of tissue in the open holes on the top.
  14. We had every caboodle that was made in the 90’s.
  15. We went skating at Skate Time USA every sunday that our moms would allow us to go.
  16. She’s the better cooker.
  17. I’m the better baker.
  18. She has me addicted to True Crime Podcast.
  19. I have her addicted to True Crime Television Shows.
  20. We both like to workout.