My Experience Building My First Tribe

Hello Dolls & Dudes

Today is my second day at Niche Parent started off with a bang! I absolutely can not wait until later to talk about my very first time building a tribe. Several fellow bloggers and I all gathered in the conference hall at Coronado Springs Resort on Walt Disney World in hopes of building a tribe of inspiration, empowerment and networking. As we all took our seats we were instructed to get out plenty of business cards and stand up. Exciting right?

We had no idea how we were going to conduct our tribe building roundtables and then we were all passed different sheets where we were going to play BINGO! This was not just any ordinary bingo but a super cool fun way to build relationships with each other which in my opinion was amazing. The rules were simply: Find a fellow Blogger, get to know them and then have them fill in their Twitter Name in the slot that applies to them. Ex. Has a Master’s Degree, Is A Fashion Blogger, Lives in Georgia, First Time at the Niche Parent Conference and so on.

What I think made it fun is that it allowed us to meet new bloggers, learn about their niche and build new relationships in the process. I met so many wonderful ladies and we all built great relationships in such a short time. I didn’t want the tribe session to end. All in all I am thankful to Niche Parent for such a great tribe building experience. What experiences have you had with building network tribes?

~Turkesha McIvy

I would love to hear your thoughts!