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My First Time Using A Grill As A Divorced Woman

Can You Believe That I Have Never Cooked On A Grill?

Yep! You read the title correctly. I can honestly say that I have know absolutely nothing about grilling. In fact I have never ever grilled anything myself. Why? Because when I was married I always prepared the meals except for when my hubby prepared his infamous Panamanian dishes. I always had the luxury of him coming home and throwing whatever I requested on the grill. I guess you can say I never felt the need to even learn since it really wasn’t my thing. I can recall growing up and my dad always cooked on the grill while my mom prepared the other items. Although its been over five years since my divorce I never had the urge to grill. Fast forward to now and whenever I want something on the grill I just wait until my mommy comes to visit from Savannah and she always grills me for me. I guess you can say that I am spoil in a way.

So on yesterday I had a craving for some ribs hot off the grill and unfortunately my oldest son wasn’t at home to cook them on the grill so I had to call my mommy and daddy to get instructions on how to grill. Yes the struggle is real! I decided that this was the perfect teachable moment for my 12-year-old and I. Once we talked to my mom and dad we felt like we were ready to put the instructions to the test.

My dad’s first instructions was to light the coals and allow them to burn out and wait until they were white and smoking. I would have never known that. LOL! I would have probably tried to put them on the flames!

Grill, Naturalbabydol

Grill, Naturalbabydol

Confession: I cooked them in the oven for a few and then threw them on the grill. Oh and I had to add more coals and relight because I didn’t open the vents like my daddy had instructed!

Grill, Naturalbabydol

Viola! We did it! Needless to say that BJ was so proud of his first grilling experience.

Grill, Naturalbabydol, Divorce


Grill, Naturalbabydol

Aww.. Look at my junior Grill Master! As a single mother is important to celebrate the wins. It’s the small things that count and he will forever remember this moment. Time waits on no one! In a few more years he will be in high school and grilling all the time. (MJ was in the house the entire time patiently waiting on his big brother to showcase the finished product. He did help me make the other items for dinner)

~Naturalbabydol & BJ