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Live Video of Tamela Mann & Ford VIP After Party With Legendary Doug E. Fresh & Salt N Pepa

The Ford VIP After Party Was Epic!

The Ford Neighborhood Awards show was nothing short of amazing. The weekend was filled with their Ride & Drive Experience, Family Feud, Blue Carpet, Neighborhood Awards Show and the VIP After Party. The after party started a tad bit later than scheduled but for a good reason. The awards show was so phenomenal. I didn’t mention in my previous post but during intermission they were playing Tamela Mann’s “Take Me To The King” and the camera spotted her singing it and all of a sudden Steve Harvey passed her the microphone and honey she took us to church! That sister can sing on and off record. Not that I ever doubted that she could but she sounds just as amazing live as on a cd. The crowd went crazy!

VIP, After Party, Tamela Mann, Ford


Tamela Mann brought the house down at the Ford Neighborhood Awards when she got up from her front row seat and SANG “Take me to the KING!” We went to CHURCH! #NAwards2015

Posted by Rushion McDonald on Thursday, August 13, 2015


As the awards show came to an end the crowd headed over to the World Congress Center for the Ford VIP After Party. The line up for the after party was none other than Mr. Human Beat Box, Doug E. Fresh and legendary girl rap group Salt N Pepa. OMG! Can you imagine what the performance was like? I recently worked with Doug E. Fresh during the Funk Fest so I already knew that the audience was in for a treat but Salt N Pepa! My very first concert was actually Salt N Pepa. My younger sister Summer and I attended and can you believe back then the tickets were like $13.50. Child that was many moons ago. I remember convincing my mother and father to let us go without them and they finally gave in. Lord we word biking shorts to the concert. That’s how long ago it was.

Doug E. Fresh was the first to perform and like I said working with him before I already knew that he was going to be mad awesome. He still remains the King of Beat Box and he showed the world that he will forever hold the title. Check out his performance. How long do you think he did this because it seemed like a long time. Let me show you a picture before he snatched off his

VIP, After Party, Tamela Mann, Ford

Live Footage Below…

I can’t leave out how insane Roland Martin was jamming to Doug E. Fresh during the Ford VIP After Party. Dude was jumping, whopping and everything. He even passed us his cell phone to periscope him. Now you know he was feeling the vibe.

VIP, After Party, Tamela Mann, Ford

Salt N Pepa were the next performers to take the stage and I suddenly felt like I was in high school all over again. These ladies are still amazing! They rocked the crowd so hard I was sure that everyone would be sore the next day from so much dancing. They sung all of their signature songs and I am sure that everyone in attendance was reminiscing about the 90’s. The show was fire! The hottest moment was when they put on their iconic leather jackets. OMG! It was epic!

VIP, After Party, Tamela Mann, Ford

Live Footage Below….

I was a great night! Special Thanks to Ford again for inviting me to be apart of their press junket for the Neighborhood Awards. It was an amazing experience and remember Lets Go Further!


**Photos were taken by Turkesha McIvy A.K.A Naturalbabydol**