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Can you say Amazing! On last night after two years of trying to make time to take Monica Wilson’s XOTICY Class here in Atlanta due to working non-stop and traveling I was finally able to take her class and one more item to check off of my bucket list. Just in case you’re not familiar with Monica Wilson please allow me to introduce you to this amazing choreographer.

Monica Wilson is a native of Detroit, Michigan where she began her dance career at the age of 3 and over the years she diversified her training which included Tap, Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop. Monica’s passion for dance increased over the years and although life intervened she never let go of her dreams. In 2009 Monica moved to Atlanta and began teaching at Gotta Dance Atlanta and was immediately signed to Xcel Talent Agency. She has appeared on dance stages for BET Hip Hop Awards, Disney, TV One, FOX, HBO, VH1 and several featured roles in both movies and music videos.

The “XOTICY” classes are now a global brand that focuses on women’s self esteem and confidence building through dance. The classes give you a stroke of confidence, boost about your sexuality and how you feel about your body. My initial feeling about taking the class was excitement and anticipation. I had no idea what to expect when stepping into my first XOTICY class but soon discovered that I was joined by fellow women who were all first timers in Monica’s class and women who wanted to upgrade their dance routines. The class promptly begun and we all started our first eight steps of the dance that we were learning. We all laughed and joked with one another as we all worked diligently together to stay on beat and memorize our dance steps. It was apparent that there was no need to feel nervous or afraid of missing the beat because the way that Monica presents her class and teaches with a down to earth yet bubbly demeanor simply sets the stage for an amazing class. I especially loved how she continued to motivate the entire class and encouraged us to live in the moment and just allow ourselves to feel sexy. Needless to say this was my first of many more classes to come because I will be in every one of her classes from here on out. I intend to document my progress in each class so I can see exactly where I begun and where I will end up in a the following year. Here’s my first lesson with Monica, this is the TGT (Tank, Ginuwine & Tyrese) – Lessons Of Love:


If your interested in taking the class click here. See you in a few weeks for class #2!


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