My Last Laundry Jug- MyGreenFills

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I will be totally honest with you. I am not a laundry person! I mean I’m not my mother, she loves to do laundry but when the mantle was passed on to me I guess I dropped it. I have a routine and that includes only one day for laundry. I am totally against doing laundry daily unless it’s an absolute emergency but fortunately for my 19-year-old son, he doesn’t care and probably washes at least twice or more a week but lets face it he plays basketball so that stinky stuff needs to be cleaned ASAP! Which means that I am forced to buy countless jars of laundry detergent but now that I have discovered MyGreenFills perhaps those days are long gone away.


When we think of how we live in today’s society we are all on the road to making our lives greener and a way to prevent toxic chemicals from coming into our lives. The truth is that its rather hard to find green products and while your on the journey to find them just think about how many stores you must visit or the countless miles you drive to that one specialty store to find that one green product. I was excited to find out that Selestial, an innovative company is on the move to change the way that we go green and their goal is to make sure that we stay green for good! They have just introduced MYGREENFILLS which provide safe, healthy, eco-friendly  home laundry products delivered right to your front door all while saving you time and money as you help save the planet.


  • Choose your fill: from Unscented Laundry Soap(50 loads), Color Safe Brightener (23 Loads), Fabric Softener (50 Loads) or Enzyme Stain Remover
  • Choose your frequency: Free shipping at intervals that work for you and your family means you never have to run out of your favorite laundry products or waste time running out to the store when supplies are low
  • Mix and Match: You can choose how many refills you want and what products you need. Discounts are available when you buy 3 or more refills at a time. And after your opening order, you will only receive greenfills for the jugs!
  • Delivered right to your door: once you set your delivery schedule you never need to worry again.

I like the fact that these are the last jugs that I will ever own and filling them were super easy. See the video below:

I have used MyGreenFills for about two weeks and I can truly say that I have not been disappointed. I have in the past had a struggle with my kids having allergic reactions to scents in other laundry detergents but with the MyGreenFills I no longer have to worry about that problem and our clothes are clean. I had a few outfits from us working in the garden that were heavily soiled from pruning our plants and the cleaning process for those items was a breeze. I simply used an itty bitty scoop and that’s all that was needed for the load. Imagine eliminating using harmful chemicals and toxins on laundry day to replace them with eco-friendly laundry detergent. I especially love how the MyGreenFills doesn’t have any dyes so when you add it to the wash its crystal clear!






After putting MyGreenFills to the test on some of the toughest stains that my washer has seen since the Summer started I am happy to saw that we have A WINNER! Why not join me and help make the earth a better place to live by grabbing your free jug here. Together we can make the world a better place to live.





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