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Our New Addition To Our Family

     Our New Addition To Our Family

I can already tell that my readers are getting ready to Congratulate me but before you do I am not pregnant. I only wish and plus I would need a man for that! The downfall of living the single life and chasing your dreams. I recently took a trip to the Get Radical Conference in Reston, VA and my kids spent some time with my wonderful father and they decided to help him out by babysitting seven baby ducklings. Yes we have seven of the cutest little ducklings that you will ever see. They are quite the most active bunch of the sets my father has been getting over the years. It has been almost a week and boy do these little darling grow quick. We have them in a container that we switch out several times throughout the day along with a light to keep them warm with their water and food. We have noticed that they love to stay huddled together and will separate but for the most part they stay together but today we watched them a little more careful and they love to play in their water. We were wondering why the water was disappearing so fast but apparently they are drinking it and then splashing it all over each other. Today was also the first day that we allowed them to walk around in the house on the floor and boy did they have so much fun. We wanted to share our little babies with you. Here are some pictures of them. Have a great evening!

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