Strawberry patch picking
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Our Spontaneous Trip To The Strawberry Patch

The other day while heading home from grabbing a few things from the super market I noticed that a local farmers stand near my house was finally open. I have passed the stand several times over the past five years that I have lived in the area but never stopped so I decided to finally stop to check out what the stand had to offer. To my surprise at first glance the stand sold homemade ice cream, jams, preserves & tomatoes amongst other items. I saw a sweet little girl pass me with a bag of strawberries so my youngest son Mario & I decided to do some further inquiring and discovered that in the back there was an area for strawberry picking. Hey Why Not?


Mario & I was guides out to our designated rows to begin picking our strawberries. Lets keep in mind that this was a spur of the moment adventure because Lord knows that we needed some sunscreen because it was hot as hades. We endured the heat and had a blast picking strawberries. The bees seemed to be having fun buzzing around the strawberries and we were thankful that they didn’t want to sting us. We played, sang songs and gathered our strawberries and before long we were done with our first row and on to the next one. Needless to say that it was a great mini afterschool adventure.

Strawberry patch picking

Strawberry Patch Picking

Once we picked enough strawberries we headed to the counter to make our purchase and head home. Unfortunately BJ was still in school when we made this pit stop so we will be heading back on next week so that he can have the same experience so stay tuned because we are also waiting for them to open the blackberry patch to open so we pick them too. YUMMY!



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