As many of you may already be aware that I am a die-hard fan of Judge Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court. Are you a fan like me? I have been watching this show since it aired and I have always had a love for the Justice System since I was a little girl hence is the reason I chose to graduate with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice. I’m sure that if you watch the show that you have noticed that Judge Lake’s reaction is different for each case and you can see that she cares each and every case close to her heart.

Paternity Court

I had an opportunity to actually attend a live taping of the upcoming season which is presently airing. I had assumed that the cases were taped lived based on the litigants reactions but to actually sit in the front row as apart of the audience and witness first hand how each case effects each litigant differently is surreal. I think that people watch the show for entertainment but the truth remains that this actually someone’s life that they have decided to share with the world. My experience of being apart of the audience gave me a whole new outlook on each and every case. The reaction from the parent when they find out that they are or are not the father is simply breathtaking. Just pay attend to the expression on Judge Lake’s face. Heck even she is surprised at some of the outcomes and I will stress that she does not see the results until Bailiff Jerome passes her the results from Diagnostics DNA and it’s just like Judge Lake says “The DNA doesn’t lie”. I think that’s a key factor in her cases. I see women and men come on everyday and swear up and down that someone is the father or that there is no possibility that they are the father but it all boils down to “The DNA doesn’t lie”

Paternity Court


The episode that I sat in the audience was a young lady who came with both her mother and present boyfriend to prove that her ex whom was accompanied by his present girlfriend and daughters mother was the father of both of her kids when in actuality…….. Sorry no spoilers! You will have to tune in to get the results. Lets just say that both the audience and I were shocked at the results but I was also able to see how the results affect both parties in person. Trust me this isn’t fake. Its REAL and someone’s LIFE.

Paternity Court


I was able to meet Cassandra, the Social Media Manager and speak with Judge Lake after the show. It was amazing to connect with a fellow Social Media Manager who handles a major show on National Television and understands all of the dynamics of managing national social media campaigns. Trust me Cassandra is a gem!  I was also blessed to learn that Judge Lake ensures that every case that is seen before her is provided with additional counseling after the shows. This in my opinion speaks volumes of her character and shows her love for her career. I will not name any other shows because there is no comparison. Judge Lake ensures that everyone received the necessary help to move on to the next phase in their life. Be sure to follow them on all social media outlets @paternitycourt and stay tuned to spot me in the audience . Thank you Judge Lake for a wonderful and humbling experience.

~Turkesha McIvy, MPA


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