Travel Tuesday


Happy Travel Tuesday! Many of you are aware this week has been super busy for me trying to get my 11-year old packed for his camping trip and now I need to gather my items for my upcoming trip to San Antonio for Blogalicious. This post is going to be a bit different in fact I am going to tell you how to pack for the #BEGREAT6 conference.

Now Ladies if you’re like me I can only imagine that you have pulled out a trillion outfits to pack for a 3-day trip. Yes I am aware that us Fashionista’s like to change clothes to maintain our fashion statements. The question here is did you decide to check a suitcase or are you traveling with only a carry-on? Here’s is my plea to you DO NOT PACK TOO MANY CLOTHES & SHOES! Ha! I need to tell myself that but this trip I think that I have it under control.  Ya’ll know that on last year Stacey and the team gave us swag bags that almost broke our dang on arms. Oh! Ya’ll don’t remember? Let’s take a peek at last years swag. Click here. Need I say anymore! So there you have it! I would suggest not bringing too much but just enough.

Clothes Everywhere

Here’s what I would suggest packing:

  • A dress or pants outfit for three days
  • Pack two extra outfits  incase you decide to go out to dance (A Party & Casual Outfit)
  • Pack at least one pair of sneakers/flats for those days that your feet may hurt in your heels
  • Pack a small light jacket for the conference because the air will be
  • Pack a pair of shorts just incase (Its San Antonio)
  • Pack a foldable duffel bag inside your luggage for all of your sway and shopping
  • Pack a headset for your phone to listen to music while traveling by air/train
  • Pack your iPad or tablet! Trust me you are going to need it for notes and blog post
  • If you’re a Princess like me pack your tiara! I’m just kidding!

So who is excited about Blogalicious #BEGREAT6? I am! The line up of speakers is amazing and I am excited to learn something from everyone. We’ll I have to go because you know what? I haven’t even packed yet so if you spot me with more than the above snap a picture and post it! See you in a day! Let’s #BEGREAT6

~Turkesha McIvy, MPA

I would love to hear your thoughts!