Perfumed Jewelry! A Genius Concept!



Perfumed Jewelry brings a woman’s two favorites – perfume and jewelry, together in one stunning filigree pendant. Your choice of brand name perfume is infused into a JewelStone which releases your signature scent all day long, every day, for 28 days.

With up to 2,000 perfume and design combinations available through, you can choose the perfect perfume and pendant to suit your mood, style, or occasion. Each purchase includes your chosen pendant, a complimentary necklace, and three scent-infused JewelStones packaged in a beautiful storage jar.

Fifteen years ago, Renee looked into her mother’s jewelry box and found a scented handkerchief that had scented all of the jewelry in the box. While the scent didn’t last, she thought, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to put perfume and jewelry together?”

Following years of research into a way of infusing real perfume into a delivery system that lasts up to 28 days, Perfumed Jewelry was developed – finally bringing Renee’s dream into reality.

Perfumed Jewelry brings a woman’s favourite perfume and jewelry together in one stunning filigree pendant.

Each combination is unique and reflects the wearer’s personality, mood and style. (

Perfumed Jewelry allows you to choose your scent depending on your mood, the occasion, and it lasts all day.

Perfumed Jewelry is not simply a pendant or a perfume. It is a statement that proclaims ‘I am unique’.

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I stumbled upon this company on Instagram and Twitter and I was simply blown away by the genius concept. I was excited to learn more about this brand. I was pleasantly surprised to find out from my research that I could enjoy two of my favorite items: perfume and jewelry all in one. I had the honor to receive Eternity Silver pendant which comes with a 30 inch chain and although there are well over 200 perfumes to choose from I requested Chanel No. 5 one of my favorites. I can recall the moment my mother came home because I could smell the Chanel No.5 that she wore and from a child I feel in love. The necklace comes in the prettiest white box with a black ribbon with Perfumed Jewelry written all over and is basically already packaged to be given as a gift. The perfume JewelStone lasts for 28 days. I have been wearing mine and I have received the most compliments on how wonderful I smell.

In my opinion the ultimate gift to give going into 2014 is definitely a beautiful necklace and pendant from Perfumed Jewelry with a signature perfume JewelStone. Christmas is in a few days and as we go into the new year this is definitely a unique and special gift to present to your special girl for New Years, Valentines Day, Birthdays or as a “just because” gift. The shipping is super face so there is no need to worry about how long it will take to arrive because Renee is very efficient in shipping to you ASAP. I challenge all of my readers to go visit and just for you use coupon code “Naturalbabydol” to receive a 10% discount. Please don’t forget to tag all your pictures on Instagram Perfumed Jewelry & Naturalbabydol1 and on Twitter to Perfumed Jewelry and Naturalbabydol.



The review is based solely on my opinion and usage of my Perfumed Jewelry.

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