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Be Beautiful Salon Tour Kick Off Party Hosted By Beauty Network

On last night I had the pleasure to attend The Be Beautiful Salon Kick Off Party Hosted By Beauty Network. The event was held at DO At The View located at 955 Marietta Street, Atlanta, GA. I would by the way highly suggest visiting this “HOT SPOT’ if your in the Atlanta area. The evening was filled with Professional Stylist, Youtube Gurus, Naturals and a host of exciting people. The Beauty Media Network has a unique strategy of marketing to Professional Stylist which is next to non when it comes to their idea. In my opinion they hit it on the head. They have created a network catered to Professional Stylist that allows them to have all creativity when it comes to what is showcased on their television monitors in their salons. This is pure genius! This allows Professional Stylist to utlize their photos and competition battle footage to showcase their amazing talent to their consumers. I had the pleasure of see Natural Chica and All Things Fabulous101 whom are two of my favorite vloggers along with none other than Renee Knorr the owner of My Beauti Network.


Natural Chica and I
Natural Chica and I

1012013 024

1012013 040

1012013 017
Renee Knorr and I

1012013 015


  1. That does sound like the place to be in Atlanta!

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  3. I’m so proud of you. Looks like you had a great time.

    1. Thank you sis!

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