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Long Hair Loves Philip B. Lovin’ Leave in Conditioner

***I was provided with free samples in exchange for this post. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own***

Philip B. Lovin' Leave in Conditioner

I have loved long hair since I was three years old but when I was young, my mother didn’t let me grow out my hair because I would not let her brush my hair. My hair had terrible knots and each time she tried to brush or comb my hair it would really hurt. It often felt like the comb was being yanked through my long hair but in reality it was the terrible knots that I experienced from having a longer length.
Despite the pain, I still loved long hair. In high school, my hair grew more and became really long. It reached the middle of my back and with the length I soon discovered that my hair soon became just too much to manage, so I ended up cutting my hair to shoulder lengths. I found that I just didn’t have time to brush out all the knots in my hair. It simply became to time-consuming with balancing my busy schedule.knotted hair

I don’t know if it’s the way I sleep or the way I dry my hair, but I find that I get huge knots around the back of my head. The hair in these knots just clump together and won’t brush out and when they do brush out (after a lot of pulling and tugging), the floor is covered with my hair. Although my hair is difficult to manage with long hair.  I continue to keep trying to grow it out.

Even after my experience in high school, I tried to grow out my hair again in college and now, I have discovered a way to get my tangles out. Discovering Philip B. Lovin Leave in Conditioner has saved my head some serious aches from the constant pulling of my hair brush. I take a small drop of product and rub it in between my hands and rub it into my towel dried hair from mid-shaft to ends. Within a few minutes, my hair feels softer and my hair brush can actually go from root to end with minimal pulling.  It actually doesn’t hurt to brush my hair now.

tangle free hair
Moreover, if you loved the smell of the Philip B. Rejuvenating Oil (Click here to read my review), you will love the leave in conditioner . The Philip B. line has a slightly floral and herbal scent that smells fresh and clean.  I don’t where this product has been all my life, but my hair and head thank you, Philip B., for the amazing detangling leave-in conditioner.


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