Future Spouse
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Hey Love Muffins! I know your thinking what the heck is going on with this lady. I’m literally playing catch up because I’ve been so busy with other things that I haven’t been able to get my post done as quickly as normal. Today you’ll be reading both my Day 4 & 5. Who’s ready? Let’s jump right into it. Day 4 consisted of praying for my Future Husband’s sexual purity. So I’m sure that your wondering what that exactly consist of right?

Future Spouse

This days prayer was more of an in depth hold no bars back type of prayer. We all know that sexual spirits roam the earth and love attaching themselves to those who are open. Although I’ve been married before I too have found myself in a sexual relations attracted to a man that wasn’t suitable for me. Trust me it’s happened to many of us and this applies to both men and women. The prayer was to heal any old and open wombs, sexual chains, the idea that sex isn’t pure or good under the divine order by God which is marriage. Collectively on the live we all prayed for purity of our Future Spouses mind, closing of doors to all experiences and God giving us all a clean slate.

Future Husband

We learned during the prayer call that ladies are the a land and our intimate place is the gate. As women we must keep our gate closed until that appointed time that our future spouse becomes our spouse. The man carries the seed to fertilize our land. God created us to recreate when were married. We have to remember that sex represents the covenant of Jesus. We should only be tied to God not a man’s soul hence that why we have to bind the soul ties that we’ve created. It’s imperative that we learn that waiting is worth the wait. Marriage is honorable and the bed is undefiled. We must trust God to give us what we need. We don’t have any room for compromise! We have to understand that the outside appearance doesn’t matter. God will purify our eyes and tie us to our spouse in the spirit. When our spirits are on once accord. God who is the man in the spirit. Purpose fuels us all. When your ready your spouse will be ready. You will encounter your spouse at the same time. I ask God to make my Future Husband be a DREAMER, MAN OF PURPOSE, PRAYER WARRIOR, MAN AFTER GOD’S OWN HEART AND A MAN OF STANDARD.