Future Spouse
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Hey Love Muffins! All praises to God for blessing me during this week challenge praying for my Future Husband. I was very intentional and consistent with this years challenge. The last day prayer was in preparation for marriage. We must take this time to ourselves to ensure that we’re prepared for marriage. It’s important that we pray for the spirit to guide us and not our flesh. The spirit will lead you in the right direction. By no means should be COMPROMISE.

Future Spouse

The last days prayer walked us through the importance of a man pursuing a woman when he fills ready. It’s not for us women to rush the process. We must remember that the man is the foundation. He’s the standard and model for his wife. The husband should love his wife as God loves the church. As a Godly woman its our responsibility to nourish the Godly Sees that he’s given us. I decree and declare daily that I AM A GODLY ANOINTED WIFE.

Future Spouse

During Natasha’s presentation she taught us that there are 3 phases to marriage and I loved how she broke them down and compared the process to carrying a baby. Here are the phases:


In all that we do we must have the gift of discernment to have a clear look at who we are linking with and have the ability to tell if our mate is God Sent or sent according to our flesh. It’s my prayer that as I write this final entry for this past weeks Prayer Challenge that God lay me on my Future Husband’s heart. I will continue to pray that he’s a Man of Valor, Man of Purpose, Man after God’s Own Heart, Provider, Businessman, Prayer Warrior, Best Friend, Community Activist, Amazing Father and Comforter. The challenge may have come to an end but my prayers along with the 70-80,000 singles that joined this challenge will continue on until our day arrives. As of today, August 24, 2019 I AM SINGLE and READY.